Lever Action Rifle Diagram

Receiver spacer screw (2)

Receiver Spacer Screw

Disassembly Procedure

To disassemble rifle, remove magazine (42) and open action, checking chamber to be sure it is unloaded. Hold gun inverted with lever upward and remove forearm screw (47). Lift barrel and action out of stock, pivoting rear of receiver against recoil block (53). Recoil block may be removed from stock by removing butt-plate (51) and unscrewing recoil block screw (54) through hole in butt.

Action is removed intact from receiver as shown in Fig. 2. Remove front ends of rear links from pins in ears of guard. Guard latch assembly (31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37) is removed by drifting out slave pin used to replace rear link pin (37). Hammer (23) with spring (25) and associated hammer parts (26. 27, 28) are removed by drifting out slave pin used to replace hammer pin (24). Trigger (19) and hammer lock (21) with spring (22) are removed by drifting out trigger pin (20).

Safety (13) can be removed from guard (12) by rotating safety 90° in either direction and pushing it out, taking care not to allow compressed safety plunger spring (14) or plunger (15) to escape. Finger lever (17) is removed by drifting out finger lever pin (16), taking care not to lose compressed spring (18) in guard. Receiver spacer may be removed from receiver by unscrewing receiver spacer screws (57). Magazine lock (39) can be removed from housing (38) by drifting out pin (40), taking care not to lose spring (41).

Bolt Assembly M249

Bolt Assembly

A. Bolt sleeve

B. Firing pin

C. Firing pin spring

D. Firing pin retaining pin

E. Bolt sleeve lock

F. Bolt

G. Extractor

H. Extractor spring J. Extractor plunger K. Boll sleeve lock pin L. Ejector spring

M. Ejector

N. Ejector pin

Fig. Is Bolt is removed from front links (10. 11) by removing front link pin (9). Drift out firing pin retaining pin (D). taking care not to force grooved end of pin through hole. Remove firing pin (B) and spring (C) to rear. Remove bolt sleeve cam lock pin (K) and bolt sleeve lock (E)

and bolt (F) from bolt sleeve (A). Extractor (G) can be removed by depressing point of plunger (J) with punch and sliding extractor inward and out of dovetail, into counterbore in face of bolt. Ejector (M) can be removed by drifting out ejector pin (N), grooved end first.

Fig. 2: To remove action from receiver, 2 slave pins, the same diameter as rear link pin (37) and hammer pin (24) and about V-i" long (distance between receiver side-plates), must be used. Tap out hammer pin and rear link pin using slave pins. Remove the action as a unit from the rear end of the receiver.

Remington Pistol 1866

WTl 10-11

Fig. 3: To reassemble bolt in receiver, grasp 2 front links as shown until bolt sleeve lock pin (K) is near top of its slot (when gun is held inverted as shown). Insert bolt sleeve in bolt hole in rear of receiver. Pin should enter keyway in rear of receiver. Push bolt sleeve assembly into receiver, swinging links up vertically between receiver side-plates close to receiver spacer. Grasp guard assembly (12) with finger lever up and connect rear ends of front links (10, 11) to front end of rear links (29. 30), one at a time. Place guard into position in receiver.

Parts Action Rifle
Fig. 4: Showing relationship of all parts of action assembled. After replacing action in position in receiver, replace hammer pin (24) and rear link pin (37), drifting out slave pins that were used to hold action while it was out of receiver. ■

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