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Firing pin retainer plate

18. Magazine

Firing Pin Astra

2 Pull slide to rear until smaller recess in lower edge of slide is even with end of slide stop. Press end of slide stop that projects from right side of frame and pull it free from left side. Ease slide and barrel forward off frame. Turn conversion unit upside down. Insert recoil spring guide in conversion unit recoil spring and place assembly in position on barrel. Slide conversion unit on frame. Install slide stop from the conversion unit and bushing of center-fire barrel. Place plug over recoil spring, then depress plug until bushing can be rotated 14-turn counter-clockwise to secure plug and recoil spring assembly in slide

Recoil Spring Inside Pistol

3 If conversion unit binds when installing it on a Super .38 pistol, the ejector may be at fault. To correct this, file a 1/32" wide bevel (arrow) along inside edge of ejector. This alteration to the gun will not affect its operation when firing cal. .38 cartridges

Pistol Ejector

4 Colt Ace (r.) and conversion unit magazines are not interchangeable although they handle same ammunition. Conversion unit magazines are usually marked as such on the base. If not, they can be recognized by the narrow follower as compared with hollow sheet metal follower of Ace magazine. Follower button on conversion unit magazine runs diagonally up the magazine, while follower button of Ace magazine runs parallel to back and front strap ■

To replace missing parts ...

Spring Making

Two mainsprings had to be made for a fine Lefever shotgun because parts for this gun were no longer available. These springs were of the flat leaf type forged to form a V.

Lefever Shotgun Parts

New springs were made from Vs" drill rod, which is of high carbon content and can be hardened.

The rod was slit to a depth of 1-11/16" with a hacksaw, the cut being made very carefully along the

Va" drill rod H-

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