How To Assemble A Hatsan 125 Trigger

screw lock

37. Trigger mechanism housing

38. Trigger spring

39. Magazine

40. Safety catch

41. Trigger pin

42. Disconnector

43. Sear

44. Trigger

45. Sear spring

46. Hammer pin

47. Magazine catch spring

48. Safety catch plunger

49. Plunger spring

50. Disconnector spring retainer

51. Disconnector spring

52. Magazine catch screw

53. Magazine catch

Hatsan Trigger

Do not remove the recoil spring (10) ^ and bolt guide rod (9) from the buffer assembly unless it is necessary. If removed, reassemble by first inserting the recoil spring and bolt guide rod in the bolt (17). Clamp a rectangular piece of steel in a vise and push back on the recoil spring and bolt guide rod. Insert the buffers with steel washers (7) on the outside. Ease the recoil spring and bolt guide rod up to the washers. Be sure the bolt guide rod is up against the steel bar so the recoil spring does not slip off the bolt guide rod and kink. Hold back the recoil spring with a screwdriver and ease out the steel bar. When the recoil spring is against the washers, push the bolt guide rod through the buffers and screw into place. ■

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