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French Model 1935-A Pistol


Between the World Wars, the French experimented with several different automatic pistols in an effort to find a suitable replacement for their 8 mm. Model 1892 Service revolver. This culminated in adoption of the 7.65 mm. Model 1935-A automatic pistol.

Based on the Browning short-recoil system and the designs of French engineer Charles Petter, this pistol was developed and produced by the Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques. better known as S.A.C.M. It has an 8-round magazine, weighs 26 ozs., and fires a 7.65 mm. Long cartridge that is underpowered for military handgun use by U.S. standards. The muzzle

Firing Pin Indicator Bernardelli
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Parts Legend

1. Front sight

2. Cartridge indicator

3. Cartridge indicator spring

4. Cartridge indicator pin

5. Extractor pin

6. Extractor

7. Extractor spring

8. Slide

9. Safety

10. Barrel link pin

12. Barrel

13. Firing pin spring

14. Firing pin

15. Right grip

16. Grip screw bushing (4)

18. Trigger

19. Trigger bar pin

20. Trigger bar/disconnector

21. Trigger bar spring

22. Trigger pin

23. Magazine safety

24. Magazine safety screw

25. Magazine catch

26. Hammer strut

27. Hammer pin

28. Hammer strut pin

29. Hammer

30. Magazine

31. Sear

32. Sear pin

33. Sear housing/ejector

34. Sear pressure plate

35. Hammer spring

36. Hammer strut nut

37. Left grip

38. Frame

39. Magazine catch spring

40. Magazine catch nut

41. Slide stop catch

42. Slide stop

43. Recoil spring guide tip

44. Recoil spring ring

45. Recoil spring

46. Recoil spring guide pin

47. Recoil spring guide velocity of the 88-gr. round-nose jacketed bullet is 1160 feet per second. Muzzle energy is 263 ft.-lbs.

During firing, the barrel and slide are lockcd together in the first 3/16" of rearward travel. The rear of the barrel then pivots down to unlock, and the slide continues to the rear alone. This system is similar to that of the U.S. M1911 Colt .45 pistol.

Other features similar to that of the M1911 Colt are the slide stop and magazine catch on the left of the frame.

Located on the upper left of the slide, the safety shows considerable originality in design. Instead of locking the hammer in cocked position, it can be turned to safe with the hammer cocked or lowered. When on safe, it blocks the hammer from contacting the firing pin, and the hammer can be safely lowered by pulling the trigger. Also, the safety thumbpiece projects above the slide when the safety is engaged. This serves as a signal that the pistol is on safe.

Another safety device is a loading indicator that projects up from the slide when the chamber is loaded. There is also a half-cock position of the hammer and a magazine safety that prevents firing when the magazine is removed. A grip safety is not provided.

The well-shaped grips are checkered black plastic.

The pistol can be field-stripped quickly and easily without use of tools. Instead of the recoil spring being separate. it is of captive type and forms an assembly with the spring guide. This greatly facilitates field-stripping and reassembly. The hammer, sear, and several other lock parts are also combined in an assembly that can be easily removed from the frame.

Sights arc simple and rugged. The square-notch rear sight is integral with the slide, and the square-top front sight can be driven laterally. There is no means of adjusting elevation.

This well-designed pistol was used by France during World War II, and some were used by Germany after the French defeat early in the War. In the 1950's it was replaced by a new French pistol in 9 mm. Luger caliber, and many Model 1935-A pistols were sold in the U.S. as military surplus.

The black painted finish of the metal parts gives the Model 1935-A a chcap appearance. However, the pistol is well-made and reliable. Its chief drawback is that it fires the 7.65 mm. Long cartridge which leaves much to be desired for militarv use and is not

generally available except from surplus arms firms and dealers in collector cartridges.

To field strip the French Model ■ 1935-A pistol, remove the magazine (30) and clear the chamber. Pull the slide (8) 3/16" to the rear, and remove the slide stop (42) to the left. Push the slide forward off the frame (38).

O With the slide held bottom up, grasp ■ the recoil spring and guide assembly, and remove it up and to the rear. Remove the barrel (12) in a similar manner. This completes field stripping.

3 For further disassembly, grasp the • upper part of the lock assembly, and lift it upward out of the frame. Remove the grip screws (17), grip screw bushings (16), and grips (15), (37). Grind a square notch in a screwdriver blade, and use this tool to unscrew the magazine catch nut (40). The magazine catch spring (39) comes out to the left, the magazine catch (25) to the right.

4 Remove the magazine safety screw ■ (24) and magazine safety (23). Drift out the trigger pin (22) to the right. Then lift the trigger and trigger bar assembly from the top of the frame.

5 Push firing pin (14) forward with a • thin punch, and pull the safety (9) from the left of the slide. Ease firing pin and firing pin spring (13) rearward out of the slide. Drift out the cartridge indicator pin (4) to the right, and remove the cartridge indicator (2) and indicator spring (3). Drift extractor pin (5) out through top of slide, and remove extractor (6) and extractor spring (7). Reassemble in reverse taking care that the extractor pin does not project from the lower surface of the slide. ■

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