Remington Model

6 Reassemble in reverse. Replacement of firing pin assembly in bolt is best accomplished by making a special assembly pin from drill rod as illustrated. Insert reassembled firing pin assembly into bolt. Align small opening between mainspring plunger and retractor spring plunger with extension sleeve pin hole j / in bolt. Insert pointed end of special assembly pin into hole from right side of f 'ah* Jy' bolt and tap through. This will separate f' mainspring plunger and retractor spring plunger to allow passage of extension sleeve pin. Align and drive extension sleeve pin through from left to right.

Winchester Rifles Model37

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40x Rangemaster Remington

Remington Model 37 Rangemaster

Prior to 1937 the Winchester Model 52 bolt-action target rifle virtually dominated the American cal. .22 rim-fire smallbore rifle competitive scene. However, at the 1936 National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio, Remington Arms Co. introduced a new deluxe smallbore target rifle obviously designed to compete with the already well-established Winchester product. Called Model 37 Rangemaster, the new rifle had a heavy barrel, adjustable trigger, and high comb target stock, with semi-beavertail fore-end, barrel band, and adjustable fore-end stop. Bolt and receiver were hardened to resist wear. It also had a speed-lock action, twin extractors, twin locking lugs, a Remington-designed Va -minute click aperture rear sight, and detachable Redfield globe front sight.

The sights were so mounted that line of sight with both metallic and scope sights was identical. The 5-shot, detachable clip-magazine was supplemented with a milled steel loading block to make possible rapid single loading of cartridges into the chamber.

To round out the new rifle, the manufacturer furnished a high-grade, adjustable, leather shooting sling. The Model 37 was ready to shoot on an out-of-the-box basis, everything being furnished except telescope sight.

The Model 37 scored well in the 1936 National Matches although used by only a few shooters. It did not become regularly available until 1937 when quantity production began.

In 1940 Remington announced the 'New Model' Rangemaster which incorporated several improvements based on extensive field testing and comments from shooters who had purchased the original model.

The stock was completely rede signed to incorporate suggestions made by Thurman Randle, smallbore shooter and one-time NRA President. The barrel band was omitted and the fore-end was of full beavertail pattern.

The new trigger mechanism was based on a design by J. B. Sweany, California inventor and gunsmith. The Sweany trigger, dubbed 'Miracie Trigger' by Remington, was fully adjustable and gave almost imperceptible movement on release.

In the original model the bolt was released from the receiver by pulling back on the trigger, but in the new model it was necessary to pull the trigger and at the same time depress the bolt stop through a hole in the ejector with a punch to release the bolt.

The Remington Model 37 gained an enviable record in competition, but was discontinued in 1955 upon introduction of the Model 40X rifle.

Remington Rangemaster Assembly

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Ejector

3. Bolt' handle detent plunger

4. Bolt handle detent spring

5. Bolt handle detent screw

6. Barrel

7. Telescope base, rear

8. Telescope base screws, rear (2)

9. Telescope base, front

10. Telescope base screws, front (2)

11. Front sight base

12. Front sight base scrcws (2)

13. Front sight assembly (Redfield Olympic)

14. Receiver sight base

15. Receiver sight base screws (2)

16. Receiver sight (Redfield Olympic)

17. Safety

18. Safety shaft

19. Safety detent

20. Safety detent spring

21. Safety shaft lock screw

22. Bolt assembly, complete

(See illustration on next page for parts breakdown)

23. Trigger housing

24. Trigger housing pins (2)

25. Bolt stop

26. Bolt stop pin

27. Bolt stop spring

28. Sear

29. Sear spring

30. Sear screw

31. Sear guide pin

32. Trigger adjusting screw, rear

33. Trigger adjusting scrcw, front

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