The Pistol Diagram


Pistol Disconnector


Parts Legend

1. Frame

2. Ejector

3. Disconnector

4. Disconnector spring

5. Hammer

6. Dry-fire pin

7. Hammer link pin

8. Hammer link strut

9. Mainspring plunger

10. Mainspring, inner

11. Mainspring, outer

12. Barrel mounting screw

13. Barrel mounting screw washer

14. Trigger pull adjustment screw

15. Magazine body

16. Magazine button

17. Magazine follower

18. Magazine spring

19. Magazine latch

20. Magazine latch pin

21. Magazine latch spring

22. Trigger

23. Trigger backlash adjustment screw

24. Trigger pin

25. Stop open latch spring

26. Stop open latch

27. Hammer pin

28. Sear pin

29. Click plate

30. Safety

31. Sear

32. Sear spring pin

33. Sear spring

34. Grips

35. Grip screw washer

36. Grip screw

37. Grip screw nut (not shown)

38. Shell deflector

Parts, Barrel Assembly

A. Barrel

B. Sight blade

C. Sight blade pin

D. Barrel guide pin

E. Rear sight base

F. Elevation screw

G. Detent plunger

H. Detent plunger spring J. Windage screw

K. Windage screw detent plunger

L. Windage screw detent spring

M. Windage screw nut

N. Elevation spring

0. Fore-end

P. Fore-end screw

Q. Fore-end screw escutcheon (not shown) R. Barrel weight support S. Barrel weight screw T. Barrel weights (3)

Parts, Slide Assembly

1A. Slide

2A. Recoil spring

3A. Recoil spring guide

4A. Extractor

5A. Extractor spring plunger

6A. Extractor spring

7A. Firing pin

8A. Firing pin retaining pin

9A. Firing pin spring

Gun Silencer Diagram For PistolGun Silencer Diagram For PistolGun Silencer Diagram For Pistol
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