Tip Up Barrel Latch

Trigger pin

31. Trigger sleeve

32. Magazine catch

33. Magazine catch screw

34. Magazine catch spring

35. Hammer stop pin

36. Hammer pin

37. Sear pin

38. Safety

39. Left grip

40. Sear

41. Sear spring

42. Hammer

43. Hammer strut

44. Hammer spring

45. Magazine spring

46. Magazine bottom plate

Beretta 950B Jetfire Pistol

Pistola Pietro Beretta Modelo 950


Made by the Italian arms firm of Pietro Beretta, the Model 950B Jetfire cal. .25 ACP semi-automatic vest pocket pistol is a slightly modified version of the Beretta Model 950 pistol introduced after World War II. A similar Beretta pistol, designated Minx, is chambered for the .22 short rimfire cartridge. Except for mechanical changes necessitated by differences in caliber, disassembly and assembly procedures for the Jetfire and Minx pistols are identical.

The barrel of the Model 950B pistol is hinged at the muzzle end so that it can be tipped up for loading or cleaning by pushing a thumb latch on the left side of the frame. This convenient feature makes it unnecessary to retract the slide manually to load or unload the gun. Unloading must be done by tipping up the barrel since there is no extractor in this pistol.

In use, the fired case acts as a piston and blows back the slide until the ejector kicks the case away from the slide and clear of the pistol. The returning slide then pushes a fresh round from the magazine into the chamber. Cocking of the exposed hammer is done automatically by the action of the recoiling slide.

The combination recoil and barrel latch spring of the Model 950B pistol is formed from music wire and is secured in the frame by a cross pin in rear of the trigger. Upper ends of this spring extend beyond the frame and engage recesses in the slide. Adoption of this system eliminated the need for a coiled recoil spring around or under the barrel.

Two music wire recoil springs, one on each side of the frame, were employed in the earlier Model 950 pistol. A separate barrel latch spring was also used in this model.

The Model 950 and Model 950B pistols lack mechanical safeties, but their exposed hammers can be placed in half-cock position.

Pietro Beretta 950 Jetfire

IThe takedown procedure for the Beretta Model 950B Jetfire pistol is simple and easy. First remove the magazine (27), then press forward on the barrel latch (18) to tip up the barrel (14). Now, clear the chamber and then swing the barrel up to vertical position. Cock the hammer (30) and lift the front of the slide (1) slightly, until it is free of the frame (22). Pull the slide forward approximately Vs" and lift the slide free of the frame.

950b Jetfire Firing Pins

2 Before driving steel pins in or out of an aluminum alloy frame, it is sound practice to relieve the spring tension on the part retained by the pin. Lower the hammer and remove the hammer spring assembly before removing the hammer pin (21). Insert a narrow screwdriver into the magazine well as shown. Push up and outward on the hammer spring retainer (33) until it is free of its recess in the frame. This will relieve the tension on the hammer pin and hammer.

Hammer Trigger Frame

3 After the trigger pin (17) has been removed, the trigger will snap back under the influence of the trigger spring (11). To remove the trigger, lift the tail of the trigger bar (9) up over the sear and pull the trigger assembly out through the cutout in the left side of the frame. Reverse the procedure for reassembly. When the trigger bar is back in its proper place below the sear, rotate the upper portion of the trigger until it lines up with the hole in the frame. Insert trigger pin.

Beretta Mod 950b Firing Pin

Parts Legend

1. Slide

2. Firing pin spring

3. Firing pin

4. Firing pin retaining pin

5. Right grip

6. Right grip screw

7. Recoil and barrel latch spring

8. Sear

9. Trigger bar

10. Trigger spring plunger

11. Trigger spring

12. Trigger

13. Trigger bar pin

14. Barrel

15. Hinge pin

16. Trigger guard and barrel spring

17. Trigger pin

18. Barrel latch

19. Latch stop screw

20. Recoil and barrel latch spring pin

21. Hammer pin

22. Frame

23. Left grip screw

24. Left grip

25. Magazine catch button

26. Magazine catch spring

27. Magazine

28. Sear pin

29. Sear spring

30. Hammer

31. Hammer strut

32. Hammer spring

33. Hammer spring retainer

34. Magazine catch

Beretta Minx Hammer SpringBeretta 950 Magazine CatchBeretta 950 Assembled

4 The hammer spring (32) and hammer strut (31) are assembled as a unit for easy handling. To disassemble this unit, hold the hammer strut in a padded vise as shown. Grasp the hammer spring retainer (33) with pliers and push toward the spring until the tail of the strut is clear of its seat in the retainer. Rotate the retainer 90° and ease the retainer off the tail of the strut. Be sure to use care in removing the retainer because it is under spring tension.

5 In taking down the Beretta Model 950 Jetfire pistol, after the barrel hinge pin (15) and barrel (14) have been removed, the trigger guard can be pulled free of the frame. The barrel latch (18) must be removed in order to further disassemble the gun. To remove the barrel latch, first remove the tiny latch spring screw, and then gently drive the spring rearward out of its recess in the frame. The barrel latch can now be pulled from the frame of the pistol.

6 In further disassembly of the Model 950, remove both grips to expose the separate recoil springs which must be removed one at a time. Lift the long leg of the recoil spring out of its recess in the frame. Next pry the short leg gently out of its recess as shown. Gently wiggle the spring out of its seat in the curved recess in the frame. The long legs of the springs arc ground thinner on one side. This ground side must face toward the frame in reassembly. H

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