Www.astra Constantable Reassembly

Remove the rebound slide (10) and its spring (46) by compressing the spring with a screwdriver while lifting up on the rebound slide and pulling it off the fixed frame pin. Take care that the rebound slide spring is not lost, by keepinga cloth overthe gun to trap the spring and prevent injury.

Cylinder Stop Astra

the cylinder stop (9). back out its screw (56) located at the front of the frame and remove the cylinder stop spring (42) and the cylinder stop plunger (55). With a screwdriver, push the narrow side of the cylinder stop to force it out of the frame. Reassemble in reverse order.

Mk40 Mod Grenade

Astra Constable Pistol exploded views:

Astra Constable 22lr

Though appearing to have a double-action trigger, the Astra Constable Sport model is a single-action version made in .22 cal. only and equipped with a removable barrel counterweight. The Sport model is virtually unknown In the U.S.

Spring Plastic Pistol Assembly

Usually the Constable is encountered in blue finish with plastic grips. Some versions have been imported with wooden grips and chrome, chrome engraved and other deluxe finishes. Two grip screws on each side indicate later production.

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    How to remove the sear from an astra comstable pistol?
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