Remington 760 Carbine

6 Slide the action bar (1), and magazine tube (50) rearward in the receiver and fore-end. Unscrew the action bar cover screw (3) and remove the action bar cover (2) from the front of the receiver. Move the fore-end rearward as far as it will go. Then, slide the action bar and magazine tube completely forward. Tip the barrel (9) downward to remove the cartridge stop (25). Pull the action bar and magazine tube from the rear of the receiver and remove the fore-end.

ity of workmanship and finish is excellent. The walnut stock and fore-end are well proportioned and nicely finished.

In addition to the 141A Standard Grade, this rifle was offered in three higher grades: 141B Special, 141D Peerless, and 141F Premier, all with 24" barrel. The 141R carbine featured an 1816" barrel, and was available only in cals. .30 Remington and .32 Remington.

While the Model 141 performed well and proved popular through the years, it was discontinued in 1950 to make way for the Remington Model 760 slide-action rifle, which is much better suited than the Model 141 for production by modern techniques. ■

Remington Model 141 Assemble

7 Drive out the loading door pin (41), and remove the loading door (40), loading door spring (43), and plunger (42). Drive out the carrier pin (24), and remove the carrier (14) with carrier friction plunger (18), and spring (19). Drive out the small carrier lever pin (21), and lift out the carrier lever (20), carrier lever spring (23), and plunger (22).

8 Reassemble in reverse. In doing so, fit the lug on the breechblock into the recess in the receiver. Move the fore-end rearward to engage the action bar with the breechblock while pressing the ejector protruding from the rear of the breechblock (arrow). Move the breechblock and action bar forward together. Note: The firing pin must be cocked before reassembly of the breechblock to the receiver. To do so, press rearward on the flat lower front of the firing pin until cocked.

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