Frommer Stop Ejector

Frommer StopEjection UnscrewingFrommer Stop

ITo field-strip the Frommer, remove magazine (36) and clear the chamber. Depress barrel nut retainer (13) with a corner of the magazine and unscrew barrel nut (14). Ease off pressure on barrel nut retainer and barrel guide (15) and remove them. Remove recoil spring (12).

Sear Frommer Stop

4 For further disassembly, use a small screwdriver to flex ejector spring (9) outward slightly. Grasp spring with a tweezers and slide out rearward; then, remove ejector (10). Unscrew grip screw (21) and remove grips (22, 41). Lower hammer. Drive out hammer pin (37) to release hammer with its plunger (39) and spring (40). Remove grip safety (34), spring (33), and lanyard loop (31), by driving out the grip safety pin (30). Drive out magazine catch pin (29) to free the catch (32).

Bolt catch (17) and trigger with trigger bar (19, 28) can now be removed by driving out pins (18, 20). Both disconnector pin (35) and sear pin (25) must be driven out to detach sear (26). Remove these parts only where necessary, as sear and trigger springs (24, 27) are difficult to reinsert.

Bolt head (6) is staked on both sides of extractor (5). The mushroomed edges must be filed down to disassemble these parts and the bolt head restaked on assembly. This should not be attempted without good cause.

7 Cutaway shows relationship between assembled parts. Bolt has been pulled fully to rear, unlocking bolt head, cocking hammer, and compressing bolt return spring. Parts are number keyed to parts legend. ■

2 Top of barrel guide is slotted for use as a tool. Fit slot over cross lug at end of recoil spring guide (8). Push guide rearward, and rotate Ya turn. Cock hammer (38) and pull bolt body (1) out to rear. Rotate bolt head (6) clockwise to separate from body.

Frommer Bolt

5 Reassemble in reverse. Depress Dolt catch with tip of recoil spring guide when inserting barrel so that catch clears barrel threads.

3 Again making use of barrel guide, rotate recoil spring guide an additional Ya turn to release it from frame (16). Ease guide out forward. Push barrel (11) rearward to remove from frame. This completes field-stripping.

1911 1911a1 Barrel Locking Lugs

6 Bolt head must be turned so that its smaller locking lug aligns with rib on bolt body and groove in barrel extension when these parts are reassembled.

Magazine Glisenti Pistol

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