With hammer strut, push out link pin, separating link from barrel

13 Receiver

14 Mogazino

15 Magazine catch

16'Main spring housing 17 Main spring housing pin

18 Hammer

19 Hammer strut

20 Hammer strut pin

21 Hammer pin

22 Grip safety

23 Slide stop

24 Triggor

25 Safety lock

26 Stock (left)

27 Stock (right)

28 Stock screw (four)

29 Seor spring

30 Disconnector

31 Seor

32 Sear pin

Lift out sear and disconnector. Note relationship of these parts to facilitate reassembly

OQ Remove firing pin stop. Firing pin assembly can now be removed from slide

O O With hammer strut, pry out ^^ and remove extractor

O^ Separate firing pin from firing pin spring

Magazine Bushing


Colt .22:45




Colt Conversion Units

1 Center-fire slide assembly and magazine must be removed prior to installing conversion unit. First remove magazine and clear chamber. Push in knurled end of plug below barrel and rotate bushing Va-turn clockwise. Ease out plug and recoil spring. Turn bushing counter-clockwise until it can be eased off barrel

In 1938 the Colt firm introduced their cal. .22 long rifle conversion unit for the M1911 cal. .45 ACP pistol.

While the method of converting a cal. .45 pistol to cal. .22 was not revolutionary, the method of attaining a recoil effect similar to that developed by the .45 ACP cartridge was. The Williams floating chamber was the answer. The floating chamber is in effect a movable piston attached to the end of the barrel. When the .22 cartridge is fired, some of the gases are trapped between the barrel and the movable chamber. The gases thrust the chamber back with enough force to operate the slide and thus closely duplicate the recoil of the cal. .45 cartridge.

The Colt conversion unit has been modernized from time to time. The original unit was marked "Colt Service Model Conversion" with "Ace" inside of a triangle. A later model had the Colt rampant and the words 4,.22-.45 Conversion" added to the slide. This model eliminated the spring wire on the barrel that retained the ejector. The latest model illustrated here has a Micro adjustable rear sight and the serrations on the slide are slanted.

The current .22 conversion unit can be installed on any Model 1911-type pistol as well as the Super .38. But this unit cannot be used on the Colt Commander pistol.

A .45-.22 conversion unit to convert the cal. .22 Service Ace to cal. .45 ACP was manufactured for a few years, but did not prove popular. It was dropped following World War II.

Parts Legend

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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