First announced in 1939 as a mod-cratcly-priccd companion piccc to the more expensive Model 52 rifle, the Winchester Model 75, chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge, soon earned an enviable reputation for fine accuracy and reliability. The Model 75 has a speed lock and features a detachable-clip magazine, and like the Model 52 is offered in both target and sporting versions.

The Model 75 Sporter is currently a\*iilable with two sighting combinations, including open rear and bead front sight or Lvman 57E aperture receiver sight and bead front sight. Barrel length is 24 inches. Both pistol grip and forearm arc checkered. Weight is about SV* pounds.

The Model 75 Target rifle has a 28-inch barrel and weighs about SVi pounds. The beavertail stock is relatively straight to facilitate shooting in the prone position and is factory-equipped with metal base adjustment swivel allowing various adjustments of the sling strap. The Model 75 Target is furnished without sights for those who wish to select and install their own, or is available with Rcdfield 75 HW aperture receiver sight and Winchester 105A front sight. This model was at one time offered with an eight-power telescopic sight of Winchester make, since discontinued.

During the World War II period, the U. S. Government purchased large quantities of the Model 75 Target rifle for use in Service marksmanship training programs.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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