Where To Find Spanner Wrench For Remington Model

Buttstock (not shown)

and bolt carrier assembly to move forward under impetus of the compressed action spring which in turn strips a cartridge from the magazine and feeds it into the chamber. When the bolt carrier is fully forward, the bolt is cammed around to lock into the barrel extension. The rifle is then ready to fire.

The action remains open after the

Disassembly Procedure

To take down rifle, press safety (26) down and retract operating handle (12), locking bolt carrier assembly to rear. Unscrew fore-end screw (57) and remove fore-end (56) by pulling downward and forward. Swing takedown lever (62) sideways and unscrew takedown screw (59). Pull barrel jacket (30) and barrel (29) assembly forward out of receiver (1).

To disassemble barrel jacket, a special spanner wrench (Remington Model 81 part No. 107) is required. Use spanner wrench to unscrew barrel nut (38), preventing breech end of barrel from turning by holding a large screwdriver in slot of breech end of barrel. Pull barrel to rear out of barrel jacket and hold so that muzzle end of barrel is clear of front face of barrel jacket bushing (39). Unscrew bush-

2 After removing fore-end. swing takedown lever (62) sideways and unscrew takedown screw (59) as shown. Pull barrel jacket and barrel assembly out of receiver to front last shot. It is closed by depressing the magazine indicator thumbpiece.

The Model 8 rifle was regularly chambered for the .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington rimless cartridges and was designed for clip loading. The Model 81 rifle v/as chambered for the same series of Remington cartridges, and was also offered in cal. .300 Saving from barrel jacket with spanner wrench, taking care not to allow compressed recoil spring (36) to escape forcibly. Remove recoil spring, barrel nut washer (37), recoil spring case (35), and buffer spring (34) from barrel jacket. Removal of plug (31) is not recommended.

To remove trigger and hammer mechanism, remove tang screw (46) and pull off buttstock to rear. Remove trigger plate screw (7) and drive out hammer pin (18). Pull rear end of trigger plate (42) downward and out of receiver. Push magazine assembly (53) up through trigger plate, releasing left and right side springs (54 & 55). Uncock hammer (49) and remove by carefully drifting out hammer bushing (50). Remove mainspring screw (45) and lift out mainspring (44) and trigger spring (43). Drive out trigger pin (48) and remove trigger (47). Reassemble

Bolt Assembly Parts Legend

A. Bolt carrier

B. Firing pin retaining pin

C. Link pin

E. Bolt lock

F. Bolt lock pin

G. Bolt lock spring

H. Firing pin J. Firing pin buffer spring K. Firing pin spring L. Extractor M. Ejector N. Ejector spring O. Ejector pin P. Bolt age. Production of the Model 81 in cal. .25 Remington was very limited, and it was not cataloged in this caliber.

The Models 8 and 81 sporting rifles were never regularly furnished with detachable magazines. The Model 81 Police Special in cals. .30 and .35 Remington was offered with 15-round detachable box-magazine.

in reverse order.

To disassemble receiver components, turn receiver upside down. Depress front end of bolt carrier latch spring (19) from under stud inside receiver and slide rear end of spring off its rear stud. Slide bolt carrier latch (20) off bolt carrier latch screw (9) in left receiver wall. Slide barrel lock (21) off barrel lock screw (10) in left receiver wall. It is not necessary to remove screws (9 & 10) from receiver. Remove magazine indicator assembly (23) from its pivot stud in receiver side wall. Lift safety (26) away from receiver and slip a piece of cardboard or heavy paper between safety and receiver to protect finish. Swing safety down below receiver as shown in Fig. 4. Drive out safety pivot from left to right and remove safety from right. Drop out safety rocker (27). Reassemble in reverse order.

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