Cal .22 Mechanism Rifle

Front sight

34 Buttplate

Rifle Target

Mossberg Model 144-LS .22 Rifle

The Mossberg Model 144-LS, cal.

.22 long rifle, smallbore target rifle was introduced in 1954 by O. F. Moss-berg & Sons, Inc. Weighing only 8 lbs., it is for those who prefer a medium-weight, moderate price target rifle.

The turnbolt action of this rifle is basically similar to that of the Mossberg Model 44-US which was a training rifle used by the Army in World War II. Cocking occurs as the bolt is rotated

By James M. Triggs open; when the action is cocked, an indicator projects from the rear of the bolt. Dual extractors are provided, and the safety at the rear of the action aligns with red and green buttons on the stock to indicate fire and safe positions. The magazine is of detachable box-type and holds 7 rounds.

A medium-weight barrel is used, and the target-type walnut stock has a high comb, full pistol grip, and a beavertail fore-end. Swivels for a VA" sling are provided, and there is an adjustable hand stop behind the front sling swivel.

Sighting equipment is the Lyman 17A target front sight with interchangeable inserts, and a Mossberg aperture rear with quarter-minute click adjustments for windage and elevation. When introduced, the rear sight was the Lyman 57MS, and the "LS" in this rifle's designation stands for Lyman sights.

Grenade Launcher M203 SchematicRifle Bolt Receiver

ITo remove bolt from receiver, open bolt and be sure rifle is unloaded. Press magazine latch (28) rearward and remove magazine assembly (41) from rifle. Loosen receiver sight lock screw (8) in sight base (7). Lift receiver peep sight assembly (6) up out of base. Pull back trigger and slide bolt out of receiver to rear. Unscrew takedown screw (40) and forearm swivel screw (46). and remove action and barrel assembly from stock

Mossberg 46b Firing Pin

2 To disassemble bolt, clamp mainspring cap (17) in padded vise as shown. Use bolt lever (14) for handle and unscrew bolt body (10) from cap and remove bolt body, mainspring (16). plunger (15). firing pin (13), and bolt lever (14). Note that left and right extractors (11 & 12) are retained in the bolt body by permanent crimps punched in bolt body. Removal of the extractors is not recommended

Blind-Box Magazine

What is a blind-box magazine?

Answer: A blind-box or enclosed magazine is not cut entirely through the stock. There is no floorplate, and the magazine consists of a simple mortise in the wood. In the Remington 700 ADL rifle, this is lined on sides and ends with sheet metal, but magazines of this type on custom rifles may be unlined. The front guard screw is usually inserted through a metal escutcheon inlaid in the underside of the forearm.

Advantages of the blind-box magazine arc cost saving, a slight weight saving, neater appearance, and no danger of accidentally opening the magazine and spilling cartridges. A disadvantage is that unloading the magazine must be done by working the cartridges through the rifle action. There is also greater likelihood of feeding malfunctions due to improper shaping of the magazine box. This latter is unlikely with enclosed magazines which have a metal liner shaped by the factory.—J.H.D.

Mossberg Tube Fed Cartridge LiftMossberg Cal Exploded

By graduating the magazine tube on cal. .22 rifles you can tell how many cartridges it contains. Withdraw magazine tube, then place one cartridge in the magazine. Push in tube until you feel it contact end of cartridge. Mark this location on tube where it enters outside of magazine. Do this with each cartridge until magazine is fully loaded. Deepen marks with a 3-cornered file. If you want to know how many cartridges are left in the magazine, withdraw tube until the tip is just touching the cartridges, and count number of notches.—Robert V. Thompson

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Barrel

3. Barrel band

4. Front sight assembly

5. Ejector

6. Receiver peep sight assembly

7. Receiver sight base

8. Receiver sight lock screw

9. Receiver sight base mounting screws (2)

10. Bolt body

11. Extractor, left

12. Extractor, right

13. Firing pin

14. Bolt lever

15. Mainspring plunger

16. Mainspring

17. Mainspring cap

18. Takedown stud

19. Bracket

20. Safety

21. Safety screw

22. Trigger

23. Trigger pin

24. Trigger pull adjusting screw

25. Trigger pull adjusting spring

26. Trigger pull adjusting plunger

27. Angle bar & adjusting bracket

28. Magazine latch

29. Bracket screw

30. Buttplate

31. Buttplate screws (2)

32. Butt swivel assembly 32A. Butt swivel screws (2)

33. Trigger spring plunger

34. Trigger spring

35. Stock

36. Trigger guard

37. Rear trigger guard screw

38. Front trigger guard screw

39. Magazine stock plate

40. Takedown screw

41. Magazine assembly

42. Adjustable forearm plate

43. Adjustable forearm stop nut

44. Adjustable forearm stop

45. Adjustable forearm stop screw

46. Forearm swivel screw

47. Forearm swivel

48. Adjustable forearm plate screw

Blind-box magazine as seen from the top of a Remington Model 700 ADL rifle stock removed from rifle.

3 Turn in trigger pull adjusting screw (24) for a harder trigger pull and turn out for a lighter pull as shown. Adjusting for a pull lighter than three pounds should not be attempted. Remove trigger and safety assembly by unscrewing safety screw (21) and bracket screw (29). Remove ejector (5) from inside of receiver (1), and drop bracket (19) from bottom of receiver with angle bar (27) and magazine latch (28). Trigger (22) can be removed by drifting out trigger pin (23), taking care not to lose trigger spring and plunger (34 & 33)

4 This drawing shows the proper arrangement of lock mechanism parts when they are assembled ■

exploded views:

M16a1 Naming The Parts

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