Trigger Assembly Removal exploded views:


Manufactured by Feinwerkbau Westinger & Altenburger G.m.b.H. of Oberndorf Neckar, W. Germany, the FWB M-65 air pistol is favored by World Shooting Championship record holders. It was imported by Daisy from 1967 to 1978. but is currently handled by Beeman Precision Airguns of San Rafael, Calif.

Of complex design with fully adjustable sights and trigger, the FWB M-65 action is easily manipulated by a side lever. Two features permit the shooter to fire the gun with either normal air gun characteristics or the simulated characteristics of a cartridge gun. A quick-change trigger adjustment can give light or relatively heavy pulls at will, and a recoil stop can be activated to increase the felt recoil. Safety features prevent the gun from being discharged when the action is open.

Disassembly Instructions

Make sure pistol is not cocked. Remove grip screws (78), grips (79, 80) and the two front grip attachment screws (77). With a short or ball-type 3 mm (.118") Allen wrench, remove both rear grip frame attachment screws (75) and lock washers (76). The grip frame (74) containing the trigger assembly may now be separated from the barrel and piston housing (1).

Front Sight Assembly Removal

Clamp inverted barrel and piston hous-(1) in a vise. The front sight base (5) must be drifted out left to right. The front sight base (2) can now be pulled off to the front. In reassembly, be sure to insert the retaining pin (5) in reverse fashion to insure the front sight being at the 12 o'clock position.

Rear Sight Removal

Remove windage adjustment screw "E" ring (33) and thrust washer (33A). With thumb pressure against the rear sight base (36), turn windage adjustment screw (32) clockwise until free of the assembly. Do not lose the windage adjustment screw detent ball (34) or its spring (35). Assemble in reverse order.


Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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