Remington 721 Trigger Assembly

5 Drive out bolt stop pin (5), and remove bolt stop and bolt stop spring (7). Drive out sear pin (40), and remove trigger housing assembly unit, sear safety cam (39), and sear spring (41). Weight of trigger pull is adjustable by turning trigger adjusting screw (46) clockwise for a heavier pull, and counterclockwise for a lighter one. Overtravel can be reduced by turning trigger stop screw (53) clockwise until firing pin will not release when trigger is pulled. While keeping pressure on trigger, trigger stop screw is backed off until firing pin falls. Trigger stop screw is then backed off 1/16 turn.

6 Reassemble in reverse. When reassembling firing mechanism, place metal sleeve over front of firing pin, reassemble mainspring and bolt plug on firing pin, and screw bolt plug into bolt. Then, replace firing pin head and firing pin cross pin on firing pin. While unscrewing bolt plug, insert coin between bolt plug and firing pin head, complete unscrewing plug, and remove metal sleeve. Screw firing pin assembly into bolt until front of firing pin head matches small cocking notch on rear edge of bolt. Remove coin to allow firing pin head to snap into cocking notch. With safety in forward (fire) position, replace assembled bolt in rifle. Firing pin must be cocked to replace bolt in rifle. If firing pin is uncocked, clamp firing pin head in vise, and rotate bolt handle upward until front of firing pin head engages cocking notch on

Assembling Bolt Rifle


Remington 721
Remington 721-722 Rifle

By Thomas E. Wessel

One of the first high power rifles of new design offered after World War II was the Remington Model 721. announced in the early spring of 1948. It was shortly followed by the Model 722 with its action % " shorter than that of the Model 721. These modern bolt-action rifles were designed for ease of manufacture, with receivers and bolt bodies machined from round bar stock. Striker mechanism is of speed-lock type with short firing pin fall. The modern single-stage trigger is adjustable for both weight of pull and backlash. The thumb-operated safety is conveniently positioned on the right side of the receiver tang in rear of the bolt handle.

The design of the bolt is particularly noteworthy as the cartridge head is almost completely shrouded by the counterbored bolt head. This was made possible by the unique circular-spring extractor fitted within the counterbore. The ejector, in the form of a small spring-loaded plunger, is also contained within the counterbore. The combination of this extractor and ejector eliminated need for the customary hook-type spring extractor and extractor collar present on most Mauser-type turnbolt actions. It also eliminated necessity for cutting an ejector slot in the upper locking lug, which is undesirable from the standpoint of good design. The Model 721-722 bolt is assembled by brazing the handle and forepart bearing the locking lugs to the cylindrical bolt body. The handle is so designed that no

1. Stock

2. Magazine

3. Barrel

4. Rear sight base

5. Rear sight screw

6. Rear sight base screw (2)

7. Rear sight assembly

8. Rear sight step

9. Barrel bracket

10. Bolt

11. Extractor

12. Ejector

13. Ejector spring

14. Ejector pin

15. Firing pin

16. Mainspring

17. Bolt plug

Parts Legend

18. Firing pin head

19. Firing pin crosspin

20. Housing

21. Front sight

22. Front sight ramp

23. Buttplate

24. Buttplate screw (2)

25. Receiver

26. Receiver plug screw (6)

27. Sear pin

28. Bolt stop pin

29. Bolt stop spring

30. Follower

31. Magazine spring

32. Trigger guide plate

33. Trigger guard

34. Rear guard screw

35. Center guard screw

36. Front guard screw

37. Safety pivot pin

38. Trigger pin

39. Trigger

40. Trigger connector

41. Safety defent spring

42. Safety

43. Safety snap washer

44. Safety detent ball

45. Trigger adjusting screw (2)

46. Trigger stop screw

47. Sear spring

48. Sear

49. Safety cam

50. Bolt stop

51. Bolt stop release

Sear Spring Location Remington 270

■■■■■■i alteration is necessary when a hunting-type scope is fitted to the rifle.

Another noteworthy feature of the Model 721-722 action is the recoil lug, or barrel bracket, which is a simple flat piece installed between barrel and receiver.

To date the Model 721-722 has been offered in .300 H&H Magnum. .30-'06,

.270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .257 Roberts, .222 Remington, .222 Remington Magnum, and .244 Remington.

A high comb stock for use with scope sights is optionally available at no extra charge.

Thomas E. Wessel of Whippany, N. J., is a technical illustrator long interested in firearms.

Technical Illustration Drills

4 Next, using a small vise-held block of wood, which hos been drilled through with a 3/16" drill, insert forward end of firing pin as shown and compress mainspring with bolt plug until coin, punch, and firing pin head can be removed, or drop away. Apply steady, even force to bolt plug. Slowly and carefully release mainspring tension. Assemble in reverse order

ITo remove barrel and action from stock: Remove front guard screw (36), center guard screw (35), and rear guard screw (34). Use proper size screwdriver to avoid burring screw slots. Next, lift away trigger guard (33), magazine spring (31), with follower (30), and trigger guide plate (32). Magazine (2) will remain either in receiver (25) or in stock (1). In reassembling barrel and action to stock, insure that magazine is reseated properly in receiver

5 Pull of trigger (39) may be adjusted to desired weight by turning front trigger-adjusting screw (45) clockwise for a heavier

2 To remove firing pin assembly: Pull firing pin head rearward until a coin (A) can be inserted between it and bolt plug (17). A convenient method is to catch notch on firing pin head on a sharp corner. Unscrew bolt plug to remove assembly from bolt (10). Caution: Do not disturb coin; should it be inadvertently knocked out, great difficulty will be experienced in repulling firing pin head weight adjustment and counterclockwise for a lighter weight adjustment. (Caution: Do not adjust or remove rear trigger adjusting screw.) Trigger travel may be reduced by turning trigger stop screw (46) clockwise until firing pin will not fall when trigger is pulled. Then, while keeping pressure on trigger, back off trigger stop screw, counterclockwise, until firing pin falls. This method of adjustment will allow least amount of overtrovel

Enfield Bolt Stop ScrewSako Bolt Stop Left

3 To further disassemble firing pin, drive out firing pin crosspin (19) using a flat-nosed center punch, leaving punch in hole to hold parts together. This prevents the mainspring (16) tension from forcing them apart

6 To adjust for windage, rear sight plate may be moved to left by turning the windage screw clockwise or to right by turning screw counterclockwise-mm

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