J C Higgins Model Rifle


The J. C. Higgins Model 33 slide-action rifle, introduced in 1955, is produced by the High Standard Mfg. Corp., Hamden, Conn., for sale by Sears, Roebuck & Co. Of hammerless, tubular magazine construction, it shoots .22 long rifle, long, and short rimfire cartridges interchangeably, in both standard and high-velocity loadings. Magazine capacity is 25 short, 20 long, or 17 long rifle cartridges.

The Model 33 weighs 5 lbs. 2 ozs. and has an over-all length of 4134". Barrel length is 23V*".

The receiver and guard assembly are lightweight alloy. The receiver is grooved for tip-off scope mounts. Stock and fore-end are American walnut.

Pin Retaining

26. Forearm screw

27. Bolt

28. Extractor, left

29. Extractor retaining pin

30. Extractor retaining roll pin

31. Firing pin retaining pin

32. Extractor, right

33. Firing pin

34. Firing pin spring

35. Extractor spring

36. Buttplate screw (2)

37. Buttplate

38. White plastic buttplate spacer

39. Trigger guard

40. Trigger guard retaining pin spring*

41. Action bar locking lever

42. Action bar locking lever stud*

43. Action bar locking lever spring

44. Safety button

45. Safety button plunger

46. Safety button plunger spring

47. Hammer spring pin

48. Hammer spring

49. Hammer spring guide

50. Hammer strut pin

51. Hammer

52. Hammer pin

53. Trigger

54. Trigger pin

55. Trigger spring

56. Sear pin

57. Sear spring

58. Sear

59. Disconnector

60. Disconnector hinge pin*

61. Disconnector spring

62. Disconnector spring retaining washer*

63. Disconnector spring retaining pin*

64. Cartridge lifter spring

65. Cartridge lifter spring retaining pin

66. Cartridge lifter

67. Cartridge lifter pin

68. Magazine throat retaining pin

69. Magazine throat, right

70. Magazine throat, left

71. Buttstock

72. Pistol grip cap and screw

73. Fore-end

* Factory assembled to other major part. Do not disassemble.

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Front sight ramp*

3. Front sight

4. Receiver

5. Trigger guard retaining pin

6. Receiver tang

7. Stock bolt washer

8. Stock bolt lock washer

9. Stock bolt

10. Stock washer

11. Rear sight

12. Rear sight elevator

13. Magazine support

14. Magazine support pin

15. Magazine tube

16. Receiver shoe

17. Receiver shoe screw

18. Inside magazine tube

19. Magazine cap

20. Magazine cap pin

21. Magazine spring

22. Magazine follower

23. Action bar

24. Action bar stud*

25. Forearm stud

Escopeta Higgins Model

1 Disassemble Model 33 by turning gun upside-down and, using a pencil, push out trigger guard retaining pin (5) from left to right. Grasp trigger guard (39) and pull up and toward buttstock (71). Entire trigger guard assembly will come out as a unit. While gun is still upside-down, place right hand over bottom of receiver (4) from where trigger guard assembly was removed. Turn gun over. With left hand, pull fore-end (73) slowly rearward and bolt (27) will drop out into right hand

4 Disassemble trigger mechanism by depressing action bar locking lever spring (43) with thumb and lifting out action bar locking lever (41). Remove disconnector (59) in similar fashion. Drift out magazine throat retaining pin (68) and cartridge lifter pin (67). Lift away right and left magazine ihroats (69 & 70) and cartridge lifter (66). Drift out cartridge lifter spring retaining pin (65) and remove cartridge lifter spring (64)

Cartridge Lifter Spring Cal RifleMossberg 935 Tube Supports

2 Withdraw inside magazine tube (18).

Drift out magazine support pin (14) and slide magazine tube (15) forward out of receiver and magazine support (13). Fore-end (73) with action bar (23) attached will now be free of gun

5 Continue by drifting out hammer spring pin (47) over cotton waste to prevent loss of hammer spring (48) and hammer spring guide (49). This relieves tension on hammer (51)

Disassemble Higgins Model

3 Disassemble bolt by drifting out firing pin retaining pin (31) from underside of bolt as shown. Withdraw firing pin (33) and firing pin spring (34). Drift out extractor retaining roll pin (30) and remove left extractor (28). Drift out extractor retaining pin (29) and remove right extractor (32) and extractor spring (35). Reassemble bolt in reverse

6 Next, drift out hammer pin (52, A) and remove hammer. Drift out sear pin (56, B) and remove sear (58) and sear spring (57). Drift out trigger pin (54, C) and remove trigger (53) and trigger spring (55). Do not remove disconnector spring retaining pin (63) unless absolutely necessary as disconnector spring retaining washer (62) is press fitted to pin and may become loose if repeatedly removed. Reassemble trigger guard and gun in reverse ■

Higgins Shotgun

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