since. The son of a gunsmith, he built his first gun from scrap iron in his father's shop at the age of 13. In 1879 he obtained his first patent for a breech-loading single-shot rifle which he sold to Winchester. Thereafter in rapid succession he designed many other firearms, including autoloading shotguns and autoloading rifles, repeating shotguns, repeating rifles, single-shot rifles, and autoloading pistols. Products of his inventiveness were, and still are. manufactured by leading armsmakcrs in the U. S. and Europe.

In 1890 Browning turned seriously to the automatic arms which brought him his greatest renown. In that year his machine gun, manufactured by Colt, was adopted by the United States Army. In 1891 he produced an automatic pistol which was also manufactured by Colt, and in 1911 the .45 Cal. version was adopted by the Army.

When the Secretary of War ordered a test of machine guns in 1917, Browning was ready and submitted two guns through the Colt Company, a heavy water-cooled machine gun and the light Browning automatic rifle. Both of these guns were far superior to any others tested and they became basic military arms.

Browning's genius was recognized throughout the world, and his designs were widely sought after. Outside the United States his principal activities were in Belgium where his arms were adopted for the military forces. There he was made a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold and decorated by King Albert on the occasion of the completion of the millionth automatic pistol manufactured at the Fabrique Nationale in Liege.—Harold L. Peterson.

Fabrique Armes Liege Forensic

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