Browning Twelvette Manual

Richards remained as active head of his firm until 1855 when he was succeeded by his son. Westley Richards.—Harold L. Peterson.

Double Automatic Shotgun

By Thomas

The Browning 12-ga. Double Automatic shotgun, introduced early in 1955, was designed by Val M. Browning, son of firearms inventor John M. Browning. Manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium, this gun is designated Double Automatic because it will hold only 2 shells and is self-loading (semi-automatic). Unlocking of the breech is accomplished by an inertia block housed in a tube in the buttstock. Rearward movement of the barrel in recoil is only about Vs". All types of 234" factory loads, including ZVa" Magnum, can be fired without adjustment.

Initially the Double Automatic was offered in Standard model weighing 7

E. Wessel lbs. 11 ozs. and a lighter Twelvette model weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. The weight saving in the Twelvette model was obtained through use of an alumi-num-allov receiver.

A new version with aluminum allov

receiver, designated Twentyweight, was first offered in 1956. Its name is derived from the fact that its nominal weight of only 6 lbs. with 261/2 " plain barrel is comparable to that of the ordinary 20-ga. shotgun.

Anodized aluminum receivers of the Twelvette and Twentyweight models can be had in several color combinations, and all models have decorative hand-engraved panels on sides of the receivers.

Browning Double Automatic

1 Commence disassembly of Browning Double Automatic by first insuring that breechblock (33) is retained in rearward position. Pull forearm latch (42) rearward and press forearm (46) completely down. Withdraw barrel (23). Next, while holding operating handle (24), push forward on carrier latch (8), then allow breechblock to move gently forward

Parts Legend

1. Receiver

2. Friction brake, bronze buffer

3. Recoil spring

4. Forearm pivot pin stop

5. Carrier latch spring

6. Carrier latch stabilizer spring

7. Carrier latch stabilizer

8. Carrier latch

9. Link hook spring

10. Link hook spring plunger

11. Link hook pin

12. Link hook

13. Inertia block core

14. Inertia block core spring

15. Inertia block

16. Action spring, inside

17. Stock bolt

18. Action spring, outside

19. Stock bolt lock washer

20. Stock bolt washer

21. Action spring tube cap

22. Action spring tube

23. Barrel

24. Operating handle

25. Firing pin

26. Firing pin stop plate

27. Locking block latch

28. Firing pin spring

29. Sight bead

30. Link

31. Extractor pin

32. Extractor spring guide

33. Breechblock

34. Extractor spring

35. Extractor

36. Link pin

37. Locking block

38. Forearm escutcheon (2)

39. Sight base*

40. Barrel lock

41. Barrel lock guide

Browning Twelvette Manual

not shqwn stock

Browning Twelvette

2 Remove buttplate screws (51), butt-plate (50), and stock bolt (17). Remove stock rearward and away from receiver (1). Insert a small screwdriver into rear of receiver and engage notch at rear inside of each trigger guard fastening guide (87) and (88). Withdraw guides a short distance with screwdriver (a button hook also serves well for this) so they may be pulled completely out with pliers. Remove trigger guard (72) from receiver. In reassembling, care should be exercised to replace short fastening guide on right side and long one on left, with notches of each facing inward

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