Colt Commando Revolver

1. Hammer

2. Hammer pin

3. Hammer stirrup

4. Hammer stirrup pin

5. Strut

6. Strut spring

7. Strut pin

8. Firing pin

9. Firing pin rivet 10. Safety

I I. Safety lever

12. Hand

13. Trigger

14. Trigger pin

15. Mainspring

16. Bolt

17. Bolt spring

18. Bolt screw

19. Rebound lever

20. Rebound lever pin

21. Crane lock

22. Crane lock screw

23. Sideplate

24. Sideplate screws (2)

25. Latch

26. Latch spring

27. Latch spring guide

28. Latch pin

29. Cylinder

30. Cylinder bushing

31. Ejector and ratchet

32. Ejector rod

33. Ejector rod head

34. Ejector spring

35. Crane bushing

36. Crane

37. Barrel

38. Stock pin

39. Stock screw

41. Escutcheons (2)

42. Recoil Plate

43. Frame

Pin Screw Colt
' y *vMir• v v*%W

was renamed the Official Police model.

In 1930 the Official Police model was first offered in .22 long rifle caliber The .32-20 and .41 Colt chambcrings were discontinued in 1935. It is interesting to note that a very few of the Army Special revolvers were experimentally chambered for the .25-20 W'CV cartridge.

During the course of manufacture stock material varied from the original black hard rubber to checked walnut then to reddish brown Colt-made plastic. Walnut is now being used.

During World War II the Colt firm produced a somewhat roughly finished version of the Official Police revolver for use by defense plant guards and other emergency law enforcement officers. Known as the Commando model, it was discontinued after World War II.

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Je irCCiÄw

Colt Official Police Revolver

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