Diagram Of Jc Higgins Model

A—Recoil spring stop B—Recoil spring C—Recoil spring guide D—Extractor E—Extractor plunger F—Extractor spring G—Recoil spring stop pin

H—Extractor pin I—Slide

J—Assembly lock screw K—Firing pin spring I—Firing pin M—Rear sight N—Assembly lock plunger O—Assembly lock P—Firing pin retaining screw

Q—Mainspring guide R—Mainspring S—Slide stop T—Slide stop plunger U—Slide stop spring V—Takedown latch W—Sear pin X—Hammer pin Y—Hammer strut pin Z—Hammer AA—Hammer strut BB—Sear plunger CC—Sear spring DD—Frame EE—Magazine FF—Magazine catch GG—Magazine catch spring

HH—Magazine catch pin I—Safety catch screw IJ—Safety catch <K—Side plate .L—Trigger bar spring vAM—Trigger bar ^N—Sear DO—Trigger *P—Trigger pin 3Q—Pull pin ?R—Trigger spring plunger ¡S—Trigger spring T—Barrel pin IU—Barrel

Firearm Sear Diagrams

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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