1. Slide

2. Extractor

3. Rear sight

4. Firing pin

5. Firing pin spring

6. Takedown rod

7. Barrel

8. Recoil spring

9. Takedown rod catch

10. Receiver

11. Grip

12. Grip screw

13. Magazine catch

14. Magazine

15. Side-plate

16. Safety catch reloaso

17. Safety catch

18. Trigger bar spring

19. Trigger bar

20. Trigger

21. Trigger spring

22. Disconnector

23. Trigger sear

24. Trigger sear spring

25. Trigger sear pin

26. Ejector and hold-

open catch

27. Recoil spring guide

This Mauser pistol was extremely popular in the United States in the '20's, having been brought back by returning World War I doughboys. They were also imported in quantity and sold for less than contemporary American automatic pistols.

The first model of the 1910 pistol was made in .25 ACP caliber. While larger than the average .25 caliber pistol. its excellent design and workmanship, and large magazine capacity made it an immediate success. The early model had hard rubber grips and a rather weak extractor. These defects were corrected shortly after the gun appeared on the market. The extractor design was changed completely and a wrap-around walnut grip replaced the hard rubber grip.

Shortly before World War I, Mauser brought out a scalcd-up version to shoot the .32 ACP cartridge. This design remained static until a revised model was put on the market in 1934. The major change was in the grip, for while the Model 1934 retained the wrap-around grip, the back edge was curved to give the gun a more comfortable feel.

As pocket pistols go, the Mauser Model 1910 is unusually accurate and easy to shoot. This is due to the fact that it sits low in the hand and has a grip ample enough for the average hand. When the last shot is fired, the slide remains open, and if a loaded magazine is inserted, the slide will automatically run forward and chamber the first round in the magazine. To close the slide on an empty magazine, first pull the clip out about Vi inch, then push it home again. This will release the slide stop and the slide will fly forward. It is also possible to release the slide by snapping it a bit further to the rear and releasing it quickly. This method is not recommended, and should be used only when a magazine is not available. It will not work every time, and causes excessive wear on the hold-open mechanism.

The gun contains some interesting features. For instance, when the firing pin is cocked, the end of it protrudes

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