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Bolt-action rifles are obsolete for military use because they are hand operated, and many have been sold as surplus. The Madsen Model 1958 rifle is an example. Named after a former Danish war minister, this turnbolt rifle was developed and produced by the Dansk Industri Syndikat, Copenhagen. Denmark, and it was intended chiefly for nations with limited financial means. The version of this rifle sold in the U.S. as surplus was produced for the Colombian Navy in cal. .30-'06, and it bears a plate with the Colombian coat of arms on the left of the stock. While commonly called a Danish paratroop carbine, it was never used by Denmark.

The bolt is of one-piece design with dual-opposed locking lugs that engage shoulders behind the ejection port. Its turned-down handle forward of the receiver bridge serves as a safety lug. While the handle is too far forward for easy operation of the rifle from the shoulder, the bolt has a long guide rib that follows a slot in the receiver bridge, and bolt operation is smooth.

Turning the bolt open cocks the firing mechanism, and the extractor withdraws the cartridge case. Rearward motion of the bolt is stopped by a combination bolt stop and ejector,

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an arrangement similar to that of the Italian Carcano rifle. Also similar to the Carcano is the one-piece firing pin with detachable cocking piece and firing pin nut. There is no bolt sleeve.

The safety on the left rear of the bolt is engaged on safe when turned upward. This locks both the firing mechanism and bolt. A spring-loaded catch on the safety must be depressed before the safety can be engaged.

Of staggered-column type, the 5-round fixed box magazine can be loaded singly or by using a U.S. Ml903 Springfield clip. Only cartridges with pointed bullets feed properly.

Mounted on the rear of the 23Vi" barrel is a tangent type aperture rear sight. It has a large windage knob with micrometer click adjustments, and elevation is adjustable in 100-meter increments by moving the elevation slide along the leaf. Although mechanically satisfactory, this sight is too far forward for an aperture sight. The well-designed front sight has a square-top blade protected by a metal hood.

One of the special features of this rifle is a small muzzle brake with a number of round gas ports. Another special feature is a thick rubber recoil pad fitted to the one-piece walnut stock. At the front of the fore-end is a combination nosecap and bayonet lug. Above it is a half-length wood hand-guard.

The Madsen rifle is well made, reliable, and fairly accurate. Since it is not as common as many other military rifles, it is highly desirable for a collection.

ITo field-strip the Madsen rifle, lift bolt handle, pull bolt (13) fully to the rear, and remove any cartridges. Depress trigger (56) and slide bolt assembly from receiver.

2 Strip the magazine by depressing floorplate catch (58) with tip of jacketed bullet or a punch, at the same time pushing rearward on magazine floor-plate (57). Lift out floorplate, magazine spring (61), and follower (62). Further disassembly is not required for normal cleaning.

4 Grasp safety (8) firmly and rotate V2 turn to align it with bolt rib. Use caution, as safety is under spring tension. Ease safety out to the rear, and remove firing pin (16) and firing pin spring.

3 To strip bolt assembly, pull rearward on firing pin nut (2), and rotate firing mechanism Va turn to the left. This lowers the firing pin (16) and relieves most of the tension on firing pin spring (11). Depress firing pin nut retainer (3), and unscrew firing pin nut. Remove cocking piece (6) to rear.

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