Mauser Pocket Pistol

By E. J. Hoffschmidt

Mauser Pocket Pistol

ITo field strip the gun, first remove the magazine and pull back the slide until it stays open. Depress the protruding portion of the takedown rod catch (9) and turn the takedown rod (6) until it is free of the lug on the receiver

Mauser Pocket Pistol
distance from its tail. This tail fits into a T-slot in the slide. Use a small screwdriver to lift the projection on the front end of the extractor free of the slide before attempting to

pry it forward as shown pry it forward as shown

Taredown Mauser Pistol 1910

its grooves in the receiver. To remove the operating parts, it is necessary to remove the grip (11). Do this carefully to prevent the safety catch parts (16), (17), (18) jumping out when they are free of the grip from the back of the slide. It can be easily seen in the daytime or felt in the -lark. Another feature is the magazine disconnector that prevents the gun firing when the magazine is not in the gun. The thumb safety has a rather novel method of operation that locks the slide closed and also prevents it being accidentally released while the gun is being taken from the pocket. To engage the thumb safety simply push the thumbpiece down toward the button in the grip. To release it, press the button and the safety will snap back to

2 Withdraw the takedown rod (6) from the receiver (10). The barrel (7) can now be lifted out of its seat in the receiver. Replace the magazine and ease the slide (1) ofF the front of the receiver. Pull the trigger while easing the slide off to release the firing pin spring

Model Receiver Senapan Mauser

in the underside of the slide. The tail of the extractor must be pushed out of this hole with a thin punch and then pushed forward as shown in the underside of the slide. The tail of the extractor must be pushed out of this hole with a thin punch and then pushed forward as shown

'fire' position.

While the gun features the usual fine Mauser workmanship, its internal design leaves a bit to be desired. The flat trigger spring and trigger bar spring are the source of some trouble, since they break easily if not carefully removed. Another bad feature is the strong magazine catch spring. This spring is usually so stiff that it causes the magazine catch to score the magazine when it is inserted. It also at times causes damage to the magazine floor-plate. -as

Pocket Pistol Extractor

6 When the side-plate (15) and grip (11) have been removed, all the operating parts con be easily removed except the hold-open catch (26). The hold-open catch can be removed after the magazine catch (13) is removed. To remove the magazine catch, push it up clear of the receiver and pry it forward as shown

Beretta Pistol AssemblyBeretta Pistol AssemblyBeretta Pistol AssemblyBeretta Pistol Assembly

Mauser Model 712

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