Mauser Rifle Argentine Model


The Argentine Model 1891 Mauser military rifle was adopted in that year, and the initial production contract calling for 180,000 rifles and 30,000 carbines was granted to Ludwig Loewe & Co. of Berlin. Additional arms of this pattern were made later for Argentina by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) in Berlin. DWM had taken control of Loewe in 1896.

These arms were chambered for the

7.65 mm. Mauser cartridge loaded originally with 212-gr. round-nose bullet to a muzzle velocity of approximately 2060 feet per second. Later Argentine Service ammunition was loaded with 154-gr. pointed bullet.

The Argentine Model 1891 rifle was essentially identical in design to the earlier Turkish Model 1890 rifle and was chambered for the same cartridge. The action cocks on closing of the bolt.

There is no auxiliary bolt safety lug as in the later Mauser Model 1898 action. The stepped barrel contour of the Turkish Model 1890 rifle was retained in the Argentine Model 1891 version. Inletting cuts in the stock fore-end for the barrel shoulders are relieved to prevent binding of the barrel as it elongates from heating in rapid fire. This design feature was carried over to later Mauser bolt-action military rifles.

Design Operations Firing Pin

56. Safety detent spring

57. Safety detent screw

58. Mainspring

59. Firing pin

60. Cocking piece

61. Stock

62. Handguard

* Permanently assembled to other part.

51. Extractor

52. Bolt

53. Bolt sleeve

54. Safety

55. Safety detent

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Front sight

3. Rear sight

4. Rear sight spring screw

5. Rear sight spring

6. Rear sight pin

7. Receiver

8. Bolt stop spring screw

9. Bolt stop spring

10. Ejector

11. Bolt stop

12. Bolt stop pin

13. Sear

14. Sear spring

15. Sear pin

16. Trigger pin

17. Trigger

18. Rear guard screw bushing

19. Top buttplate screw

20. Buttplate

21. Rear buttplate screw

22. Trigger guard

23. Rear guard screw

24. Magazine latch pin

25. Magazine latch

26. Magazine latch spring

27. Magazine catch

28. Front guard screw

29. Follower screw

30. Magazine

31. Floorplate pin

32. Floorplate

33. Floorplate spring

34. Follower pin

35. Follower arm

36. Follower spring

37. Magazine follower

38. Rear swivel

39. Rear swivel screw (2)

40. Front swivel

41. Front swivel screw 46.

42. Lower band 47.

43. Front swivel nut* 48.

44. Lower band spring 49.

45. Upper band 50.

Upper band spring Front plate Front plate screw (2) Cleaning rod Cleaning rod stop

Springfield Model 1898 Bolt And Receiver

1 Remove bolt assembly from receiver by rotating both safety (54) and then bolt (52) counterclockwise and withdrawing rearward as far as assembly will go. Pull bolt stop (II) to the left and remove bolt.

Mauser Bolt Stop Assembly

2 Engage nose of cocking piece (60) on edge of bench and pull bolt away until a coin can be inserted between cocking piece and bolt sleeve (53. upper arrow). Unscrew firing mechanism from bolt. Be most careful not to dislodge coin. Hold firing mechanism vertically with point of firing pin on a hardwood block, and press down on safety with thumb until bolt sleeve clears cocking piece. Unscrew cocking piece from firing pin. allow bolt sleeve to move up gradually under mainspring pressure, and remove bolt sleeve and mainspring from firing pin. Remove safety detent screw (57) and carefully tap out safety detent (55) and safety detent spring (56). In reassembly, take care to screw on cocking piece so that its rear surface is flush with the outer rear edge of the firing pin.

Half Arrow Edge

3 Turn rifle over. Give magazine catch (27—arrow, upper right) a half-turn counterclockwise. Depress magazine latch (25—arrow, lower left) and remove the magazine (30).

Mauser 1891 Magazine Follower

4 Remove follower screw (29) and swing floorplate (32) down. Using a small pick, push follower arm (35) pivoting leg up into magazine. Follower assembly may now be removed from magazine.

Cleaning Rods Arrows

5 Unscrew and remove cleaning rod (49). Depress upper band spring (46) with thumb and slide upper band (45) off front end of barrel (1). Loosen front swivel screw (41), depress lower band spring (44), and remove lower band (42). Remove rear and front guard screws (23 and 28 respectively) and lift away trigger guard (22). Entire barrel and receiver assembly may now be separated from stock (61). Do not remove handguard (62) unless necessary as it is held in place with carefully twisted copper wire.

How Remove Trigger Pin Px4

6 Drift out sear pin (15) and remove sear (13) with trigger assembly attached. Sear spring (14) will drop away at this point. Remove the trigger pin (16) and lift out the trigger (17). Reassemble rifle in reverse. ■

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