Model A Rifle

Firearms Assembly

ITo adjust the trigger pull, turn the trigger spring adjusting screw (25) in (or clockwise) for a heavier pull and out (or countcrclockwise) for a lighter pull

3 Move breechbolt handle and cocking sleeve (H) to rear to expose firing pin stop pin (G) as shown. Drift out pin (G) and drop firing pin (F) out bottom of breechbolt and to rear as shown. Breechbolt handle and cocking sleeve (H) can be removed to rear. Extractors (B & C) and springs (D) can be removed from breechbolt by drifting out pins (E). Reassemble in reverse order

Parts list for breechboit assembly

A. Breechbolt

B. Extractor, left

C. Extractor, right

D. Extractor springs (2)

E. Extractor pins (2)

F. Firing pin

G. Firing pin stop pin

H. Breechbolt handle and cocking sleeve

J. Firing pin spring K. Breechbolt sleeve L. Breechbolt sleeve pin M. Breechbolt plug

2 To disassemble bolt, drift out breechbolt sleeve pin (L) while holding breechbolt plug (M) in as shown, to prevent escape of spring. Remove plug and firing pin spring (J) from breechbolt (A). Slide breechbolt sleeve (K) off to rear

Disassembly Procedure

To remove bolt (16) open breech, pull trigger, and slide bolt out to rear. Press in magazine release plunger (17) and pull magazine (33) out bottom of stock.

Unscrew stock stud screw [takedown screw] (29) and lift barrel and receiver assembly up out of stock.

To disassemble trigger mechanism, remove magazine holder screws (24) and drop magazine holder (21) from bottom of receiver, taking care not to lose trigger spring (26). Remove ejector (6) from top of receiver. Drift out trigger pin (15) and remove trigger (9) and safety lock parts (10, 11, 12, 13. 14) intact.

Reassemble in reverse order. The accompanying illustrations describe breechbolt disassembly in detail. ■

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