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Introduced in 1961, the Iver Johnson Model 50 Sidewinder cal. .22 long rifle revolver was designed for informal target shooting.

A solid-frame double-action revolver, the Model 50 features rod ejection, a hinged loading gate, and a western-style walnut grip. Barrel length is 6". Sights are fixed. The S-shot capacity cylinder has counter-bored chambers to enclose the cartridge heads. A flash shield on the front of the cylinder diverts powder gases forward and away from the shooter. The trigger mechanism includes a half-cock safety which permits cylinder rotation for loading and unloading. Deep checkering on the wide hammer spur facilitates cocking.

Revolver Sectional View

2 Basic lock mechanism of the Model 50 Sidewinder and other Model 50 series Iver Johnson revolvers is shown in this phantom view. The small trigger spring (22), scar spring (19), and lever spring (24) are omitted for clarity.

Caliber Iver Johnson Cadet Revolver





Cross Section Revolver

1A11 Iver Johnson revolvers in the sions is the same and main differences in Model 50 series are shown here for parts are in barrels, calibers, cylinders, comparison. Basic mechanism of all ver- sight arrangements, and grip styles.





Revolver Mechanism


Parts Legend

1. Frame

2. Barrel

3. Front sight blade

4. Ejector assembly

5. Ejector tube screw

6. Ejector lock screw

7. Cylinder

8. Center pin

9. Center pin catch nut

10. Center pin catch spring

11. Center pin catch screw

12. Loading gate

13. Loading gate screw

14. Trigger guard

15. Trigger guard pins (2)

16. Cylinder friction stud

17. Cylinder friction stud spring

18. Sear

19. Sear spring

20. Trigger

21. Trigger pin

22. Trigger spring

23. Lever

24. Lever spring

25. Lifter

26. Hammer

27. Hammer screw

28. Mainspring

29. Mainspring plunger

30. Mainspring adjusting screw

31. Grip screw

32. Grip, one-piece (not shown)

Disassembly Procedure

Basic mechanism of Models 50, 55A, 55S-A, 56A, and 57A is the same and disassembly for all Model 50 series Iver Johnson revolvers is essentially the same. Press in center pin catch screw (11) at right of frame and withdraw center pin (8) to front. Open loading gate (12). Rotate cylinder (7) until rear end of barrel can slip through slot in flash control rim at front of cylinder. Remove cylinder to right. Remove grip screw (31) and pull off one-piece grip. In revolvers with small 2-piece grips, remove transverse grip screw.

Unscrew mainspring adjusting screw (30) until it stops. Remove hammer screw (27). Hold trigger (20) back and remove hammer (26) through top of frame. Remove mainspring (28) and mainspring plunger (29) through top of frame. Remove mainspring adjusting screw through cutout in frame.

Drift out trigger guard pins (15) and pull trigger guard (14) from bottom of frame with sear (18), sear spring (19), cylinder friction stud (16) and cylinder friction stud spring (17).

Drift out trigger pin (21) and remove trigger (20) with lifter (25), lever (23), and springs (22, 24). Loading gate is removed after unscrewing loading gate screw (13). Ejector assembly (4) is removed from barrel by removing ejector tube screw (5) and ejector lock screw (6), then sliding forward to disengage slotted rear end of tube from frame.

In reassembling lock mechanism parts, replacement of trigger guard in frame can be facilitated by using a short slave pin to secure sear and sear spring in place. When trigger guard pins are replaced through frame, slave pin will be pushed out.

Keyhole Bolt ClearanceReising Gun SpringReising Gun Spring

Reising magazines are generally marked as shown, but if unmarked can be identified by their keyhole-shaped cross section instead of the usual rectangular cross section. Then, too, the floorplate is tapered from heel to toe.

The magazine lips are very carefully formed and are unusually strong. Another point of recognition is the rounded bolt clearance cut in the backstrap of the magazine.—E. J. H0FF-SCHMIDT

The Retting .22 cat. pistol embodied several interesting features, but could not compete with less expensive and more compact .22 cal. pistols. It was unusual in that the barrel could be tipped up to load like a single-shot pistol, or could be fired like a normal .22 automatic feeding from the magazine. It was a good shooter because of long sighting radius and comfortably-shaped grip. Magazines, like the rest of the gun, are well made and free of toolmarks. There are 2 types of magazines found; one has long observation slots on the side, and the other a row of holes.

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