Model Rifle

By Thomas E. Wessel

In 1938, Savage Arms Corp. introduced their Model 6 cal. .22 rimfire rifle with tubular magazine holding 15 long rifle, 17 long, or 22 short cartridges. It is essentially a straight-pull, locked breech, bolt-action rifle, but by adjustment will fire semi-automatically with regular or high-velocity ,22 long rifle cartridges. It will not function semi-automatically with the .22 long or short cartridges as they develop insufficient power to operate the mechanism.

The shift from semi-automatic to manual action, or vice versa, is accomplished through the bolt handle. When

Springfield Model Trigger Assembly

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Front sight

3. Rear sight

4. Rear sight step

5. Bumper spring

6. Bumper

7. Rear magazine mount

8. Front magazine mount

9. Outside magazine tube

10. Magazine plug

11. Magazine follower

12. Inside magazine tube

13. Magazine follower spring

14. Magazine plug pin

15. Stock

16. Buttplate

17. Buttplate screw (2)

18. Firing pin

19. Recoil plug

20. Hammer

21. Breech bolt spring rod

22. Breech bolt spring washer

23. Breech bolt spring

24. Hammer spring

25. Breech bolt

26. Long trigger guard screw

27. Short trigger guard screw

28. Trigger guard

29. Extractor

30. Takedown screw

31. Locking bolt plunger ball

32. Locking bolt plunger ball spring

33. Locking bolt

34. Receiver

36. Magazine guide

37. Cartridge guide spring

38. Magazine screw (2)

39. Lifter pin

40. Lifter spring

41. Right detent lever

42. Left detent lever

43. Release housing

44. Hammer spring washer

45. Release housing screw

46. Release plunger

47. Detent lever pin

48. Lifter

49. Lifter spacer (2)

50. Release plunger pin

51. Release lever

52. Release lever actuating pin

53. Trigger

54. Detent plunger spring

55. Detent plunger

56. Detent plunger pin

57. Trigger pin

58. Release lever pin

59. Safety screw (2)

60. Safety spring

61. Safety the bolt handle is pulled outwards, the gun functions semi-automatically, provided it is loaded with .22 long rifle cartridges. On firing, the bolt handle with attached breech bolt is blown to the rear, at the same time extracting and ejecting the fired cartridge case and cocking the hammer. In returning to battery, the bolt picks up and chambers a fresh round from the magazine to complete the operating cycle. When manual operation is desired, the bolt handle is pushed in when the breech bolt has been moved forward to closed position with a cartridge in the chamber. This locks the breech bolt shut,

Coin Screw Safety

I To disassemble barrel and action from ■ stock (15), unscrew takedown screw (30) using a large coin such as a quarter. This precludes burring of the screw. After this disassembly, all working parts are exposed for lubricating, replacement, etc.

Takedown Rifle Assembles

O To disassemble action for cleaning, A first insure that rifle is unloaded and that no cartridge is in the chamber. Next, move action to closed position and pull trigger (53). Unscrew recoil plug (19) at rear of receiver (34)

Receiver Springfield Model 53b

and after discharging the cartridge it is necessary to pull outward on the bolt handle to unlock the action so that the breech bolt can be retracted to extract and eject the fired cartridge case. Cartridges can be either loaded singly into the chamber, or functioned through the tubular magazine.

From its inception to date, changes in the basic Model 6 design have been minor. Rifles designated Savage Model 6, Stevens Model 87 and Model 87-K, and Springfield Model 76, are essentially identical. Currently these rifles are furnished with grooved receivers for use with 'tip-off type scope mounts.

Springfield Model Assembly

Now remove locking bolt (33) which was held in place by the firing pin

Breech Bolt Action Rifle Trigger

C With a grip as shown, hold trigger ** back. This keeps left hand free to slide breech bolt (25) from rear of receiver, since, if properly lubricated, the oil will form a suction between the inside surface of receiver and breech bolt and thus prevent it dropping out. Assemble the Model 6 in reverse order, being sure to pull trigger prior to screwing in recoil plug

O Withdraw hammer (20) and kindred ^ assembly, and firing pin (18). The latter will drop away from hammer assembly when just about fully withdrawn

To further disassemble hammer as-v sembly, grip assembly in left hand as shown using thumb and index finger to keep tension on breech bolt spring (23) and hammer spring (24). Tnen tap off hammer spring washer (44) and slowly release tension on both springs, which now may be removed. Breech bolt spring rod (21) and breech bolt spring washer (22) may also be removed. Gun is assembled in reverse order ■

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