Mossberg 935 Bolt Assembly

Benelli Bolt Disassembly

O Great care must be taken in disas-sembly and assembly of bolt components of rifles with bolt carrier latch, as the parts are under heavy spring pressure. Hold bolt assembly in left hand as shown with rear of bolt housing against palm of hand and left index finger looped around handle of bolt carrier. Pull bolt carrier slightly to rear and at same time depress top of bolt carrier latch with right thumb. Grip bolt carrier in right hand, and ease carrier forward to separate from bolt housing. Lift the bolt carrier off bolt, and pull the assembled front and rear recoil springs with the guides forward out of the bolt housing


Firing Pins For Sniper Rifle

3 Pull firing pin housing (II) rearward out of bolt, remove locking lugs (6 & 7). drift firing pin retainer (12) almost completely out of firing pin housing, and remove firing pin (13) and firing pin extension (14). Rifles of later manufacture have a spring-loaded firing pin retainer, and to remove firing pin housing from bolt it is necessary to depress retainer from left side. In replacing locking lugs, right locking lug (6) has a small notch as shown to clear a projection on bolt. This prevents improper assembly of lugs. In reassembly be sure to replace locking lugs, as firing rifle without them would be dangerous. To remove extractor (8), use small screwdriver to depress extractor retainer (10) and rotate it counter-clockwise V4 turn until it releases. Then slide extractor out of bolt

M203 Handguard Assembly

A To disassemble gas system, use ^ punch, cartridge nose, or small screwdriver to depress band retainer (57A) projecting through hole in right of barrel band (57). Slide barrel band forward and lift off handguard (1). If bolt assembly is in rifle, insert empty magazine, and pull bolt rearward so that it latches in open position. Pull rearward on actuator rod

(35) as shown, lift out connecting rod

(36), ease actuator rod forward, and remove it with actuator rod spring from receiver. Then slide gas cylinder (37) rearward off gas piston (38)

Mossberg 935 Gas Piston Assembly

C Front and rear trigger guard screws (60) are locked by spring-loaded pins in trigger guard (59). The pins engage notches on screw heads and must be depressed with a small-diameter punch or specially shaped punch (sec inset). After turning out screws, hold magazine catch forward, lift off trigger guard, and separate stock from barrel and receiver

Mossberg Trigger Assembly
When the bolt assembly is removed, a trigger adjusting screw (54) in the sear (49) can be turned to minimize the amount of creep in the final stage of the pull


1. Handguard

2. Thread protector

3. Sight hood

4. Front sight

5. Bolt

6. Locking lug, right

7. Locking lug, left

8. Extractor

9. Extractor spring

10. Extractor retainer

11. Firing pin housing

12. Firing pin retainer

13. Firing pin

14. Firing pin extension

15. Recoil spring, front

16. Spring guide, front

17. Recoil spring guide, rear

18. Bolt housing retainer

19. Recoil spring, rear 2D. Bolt carrier latch

21. Latch plunger

22. Latch spring

23. Bolt carrier latch pin

24. Bolt carrier

25. Sliding dust cover

26. Bolt housing

27. Safety retainer

28. Safety

29. Safety plunger

30. Safety spring


31. Ejector pin

32. Ejector spring housing

33. Ejector

34. Actuator rod spring

35. Actuator rod

36. Connecting rod

37. Gas cylinder

38. Gas piston

39. Magazine

40. Magazine catch

41. Magazine catch spring

42. Magazine catch pin

43. Hammer spring

44. Hammer pin

45. Hammer washers (2)

46. Hammer

47. Sear pin

48. Sear spacers (2)

49. Sear

50. Sear spring

51. Trigger spacers (2)

52. Trigger

53. Trigger pin

54. Trigger adjusting screw

55. Barrel and receiver

56. Cleaning rod

57. Barrel band 57A. Band retainer

58. Stock

59. Trigger guard

Mossberg Model 595 TriggerMossberg 935 Gas Piston Assembly
German Model 98/40 Rifle
Budapest ModellGerman Model Rifle

One of the substitute standard rifles adopted by Germany in 1940 was the Model 98/40. Produced in Budapest, Hungary, this rifle was developed from the Hungarian Model 35, a Mann-licher-type turnbolt rifle with protruding box magazine and 2-piece stock. The 98/40 is similar to the Hungarian 35 except that it is adapted to the 8 mm. Mauser cartridge, employs a Mauser-type magazine flush with the stock, has a turned-down bolt handle, and is adapted to a German sling and bayonet.

The Germans adopted this rifle because they needed a large supply of rifles in a hurry. They utilized existing production facilities wherever these were available.

The 98/40 is sturdy and reliable, but its forward-positioned bolt handle makes it inferior to the Mauser 98 for rapid-fire shooting.

Early 98/40 specimens show excellent workmanship and finish. Later specimens of the 98/40 are not as well finished, but they are serviceable.

Parts Legend

1. Safety

16. Receiver

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