In 1889 Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg.

Co., Hartford, Conn., offered their first swing-out cylinder revolver. It was chambered for the Colt cal. .38 long and short cartridges. Almost simultaneously this revolver was adopted by the Navy Dept. The Army at the time was equipped with cal. .45 Colt and Smith & Wesson single-action revolvers.

The War Dept. soon evidenced interest in this new arm. On Apr. 15, 1889, a Board appointed by Brig. Gen. S. V. Benet, Chief of Ordnance, convened at Springfield Armory, Springfield, Mass., to test samples of the cal. .38 Smith & Wesson Safety Hammer-less revolver and the cal. .38 Colt Double-Action Navy pattern revolver.

The finding of the board was that both revolvers possessed certain advantages and that a competitive test in service would be required to determine the superior weapon. In 1890 Ordnance purchased 100 each of the Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers which were then issued to the Cavalry for trial.

Revolver 1890

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