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and eyes from gas or particles resulting from a punctured primer or split case.

A convenient feature of the Model 760 is its detachable 4-cartridge-capacity box magazine which must be removed from the rifle for loading. With the empty magazine in place, the chamber can also be loaded by dropping a cartridge into the ejection port and then closing the action. If the magazine is missing, the rifle should be inverted prior to inserting the cartridge.

The safety mechanism is of cross-bolt type and is mounted in rear of the trigger guard loop. The action is locked shut when the hammer is cocked, but can be unlocked and opened by simultaneously depressing the action bar lock button extending from the left front face of the trigger guard loop and pulling the fore-end to the rear.

3 To remove barrel (1) and breech mechanism from receiver, remove magazine, press action bar lock, and open action. Make sure chamber is empty. Holding rifle on a flat padded surface with the magazine opening upward, insert a snug fitting steel pin into holes exposed in action tube (27). Turn as indicated until action lube can be removed

6 Reassemble in reverse order. When assembling barrel to fore-end assembly, do not spread action bars farther than necessary to get barrel bracket (23) in position. When assembling barrel and breech parts to receiver, be sure indent in curved end of ejection port cover (34) is locked ahead of lug on bolt carrier. Cover should enter small slot in top of receiver freely. Do not force it

2 Next, (1) slide fire control mechanism forward and then (2) away from gun. tipping mechanism slightly to clear action bar lock (72). When reassembling, place safety on "Safe", open action half way, and with mechanism in cocked position insert front of trigger plate into bottom of receiver (21). Rotate unit clockwise to clear action bar lock and slide unit fully into opening. Push it rearward and align pin holes. Insert front and rear trigger plate pins

5 Push bolt carrier with assembled breech bolt free of action bar (35), then lift front end of barrel, and release downward between the double action bars

ITo remove trigger plate (51) and assem bly—called the fire control mechanism by the manufacturer—place safety (57) on "Safe" (red band not showing), remove magazine (66) by pushing magazine latch (62) forward, then drift out front and rear trigger plate pins (37 and 38)

4 Continue by closing action. Remove barrel and breech mechanism by pulling forward out of receiver. Rest fore-end (33) on a flat surface and, holding bolt carrier (9), pull barrel forward until breech bolt (13) releases from barrel extension (18)

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