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Trigger Mechanism Submachine Guns 22lr

Guard Housing Assembly

Al. Magazine lock spring A2. Magazine lock A3. Magazine lock pin A4. Trigger spring A5. Trigger A6. Hammer lock A7. Hammer lock spring A8. Trigger pin A9. Hammerspringguide pin

A10. Hammer All. Hammer springguide rod pin A12. Hammerspring guide rod

A13. Hammer pin A14. Hammerspring A15. Hammerspringguide A16. Trigger lock A17. Safety A18. Safety spring A19. Safety spring plunger A20. Trigger lock lever A21. Trigger lock lever pin A22. Trigger lock plunger spring

A23. Trigger lock plunger A24. Trigger lock lever pivot pin

Bolt Assembly

A. Bolt sleeve

B. Firing pin

C. Firing pin spring

D. Bolt sleeve lock

E. Bolt

F. Ejector pin

G. Bolt sleeve lock pin

H. Extractor spring J. Extractor plunger K. Extractor

L. Bolt sleeve pin

M. Ejector springs (2)

The Winchester Model 100 semi-automatic rifle was introduced in 1960 in cal. .308 Winchester. This rifle is gas-operated and has a detachable box magazine. The rotating bolt has 3 large locking lugs. Ejection of fired cases is to the right.

The gas system of the Model 100 resembles that of the Ml4 Service rifle in that it has an expansion chamber which allows a gradual build-up and expansion of gas against the piston. This gives a smoother push to the operating parts than would be the case if the gas acted directly upon a flat piston head as in the Ml Service rifle. No adjustment of the gas system is required when changing from one commercial loading to another and this rifle will function well with handloaded ammunition of adequate power.

By virtue of its relatively short 22" barrel and good balance, the Winchester Model 100 is noted for its excellent handling qualities.

Winchester Model 100

4 Remove retainer (17) using tip of screwdriver as shown. Unscrew gas cylinder cap (15) and pull operating slide guide assembly (12) to rear. Draw gas cylinder (14) forward off piston (12A). Slide guide assembly (12) with bolt assembly (11) can be drawn off receiver to rear. Remove the bolt from slide by drifting out bolt-sleeve pin (11A).

Bolt Disassembly

ITo disassemble bolt assembly after removing bolt sleeve pin (L) and withdrawing bolt assembly from operating slide guide assembly, withdraw firing pin (B) and spring (C) from bolt sleeve (A) to rear. Draw bolt (E) and bolt sleeve lock (D) forward out of sleeve. Drift out bolt sleeve lock pin (G) and pull bolt forward out of lock (D). Reassemble in reverse. (See Fig. 5).

Bolt Sleeve LockHook Pull Action Assembly

2 To separate action from stock (26), remove magazine assembly (25), unscrew forearm swivel screw (34) and guard screw (19). Pull cocking lever all the way back and hold in this position. Grasp forearm and push barrel up, pivoting rear of receiver against recoil block (8) and lift action up out of stock.

3 Remove trigger guard (20) by pulling cocking handle back until "UM-shaped notch in slide arm lines up with guard housing pin (18) in receiver as shown here. Drift out pin and draw guard from receiver to rear with operating slide spring guide and springs (21, 23, 24).

M242 Receiver Front ViewBolt Sleeve Lock

5 If bolt has been disassembled, take care in reassembling that bolt (E) is replaced in sleeve (A) in proper position as shown by this front view. Replace the pin (11 A) through the slide guide assembly (12) and the bolt sleeve lock (D).

6 When replacing gas cylinder cap (15) screw back on cylinder (14) and tighten. Then loosen cap only sufficiently to line up notches in cap and gas cylinder housing (3A) as shown by arrow. Replace retainer (17), reversing procedure followed in Fig. 4. ■


Model 1200 Slide-Action Shotgun

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