Remington Nylon 76 Parts

Remington Nylon

IMake sure rifle is unloaded before starting disassembly. When action is open, colored magazine follower should be visible through ejection port. Push safety (49) to the rear on safe position, and work lever (35) to cock rifle. Unscrew and remove the two cover screws (13), and lift receiver cover assembly (48) from stock (59).

matic rifle.

Like the Nylon 66, the Nylon 76 features a one-piece stock, receiver, and fore-end produced from high-strength Du Pont structural Nylon. Due to this unusual construction, troublesome fitting of stock to receiver is eliminated. Also, the nylon does not warp, and its self-lubricating properties reduce the need for oiling.

Other important features of the Nylon 76 are its short-stroke finger lever which aids speed of operation, a slide safety on top of the stock just behind the receiver, and a 14-round tubular magazine in the buttstock. Working the lever rotates a gear which moves a rack connected with the breech-

Remington Nylon Parts

3 Remove barrel lock screw (3). Lift barrel bracket (2) to clear slot in top of barrel (1), and pull barrel forward, out of stock. Remove barrel bracket and barrel support (4).

Remington Nylon Parts

retaining pins (30) from right to left.

bolt. When the lever is fully closed, the breechbolt is locked by a locking bar pivoted in the rear of the receiver.

A square-top front sight is fitted to the lightweight barrel which is 1914" long. The square-notch open rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, and grooves on the receiver cover permit easy attachment of clamp-on telescope sight mounts.

When first introduced, this rifle was offered with a Mohawk Brown stock and blued metal parts. Later, a version with an Apache Black stock was added. This version had a chrome-plated barrel, finger lever, and receiver cover. Both versions of the Nylon 76 were discontinued in 1964. ■

Remington Nylon Lever Action Rifle

5 Pull front of floor plate (29) downward. Open lever to position lever connector stud into circular slot (arrow) in stock. Push stud inward until it becomes disengaged from slot. Open lever and remove floor plate lever assembly. This is sufficient disassembly for normal cleaning. Reassemble in reverse. Lever must be unlatched from floor plate. Replace rear of floor plate into stock. Extend lever arm and press into stock. Position lever connector stud into circular slot in stock, push front of floor plate up into stock and close lever. Align holes in stock and floor plate and drive in floor plate retaining pins from left to right. When replacing bolt assembly, guide rear end of bolt push rod assembly (6) into striker spring sleeve (60). Lift front of locking bar (40) to enable locking bar release lever (41) to pass beneath.

Remington Nylon Parts

O Remove ejector (19) from well in left ^ side of stock. Pull loosened rack (46) out of bolt (5). Partially open lever, and lift gear (34) from rear cover screw bushing (47).

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