Assembly And Disassembly Of The Firearms Pistols

1. Barrel and barrel extension

2. Extractor

3. Bolt

4. Bolt stop

5. Firing pin spring

6. Firing pin

7. Recoil spring

8. Trigger spring

9. Magazine plunger

10. Trigger

11. Rocker plunger

12. Mainspring

13. Mainspring plunger

14. Bolt locking block

15. Sear arm

16. Sear

17. Sear spring and hammer pivot

18. Hammer

19. Lock mechanism frame

20. Lock frame stop

21. Safety

22. Rocker coupling

23. Receiver

24. Lanyard ring

25. Left-hand grip

26. Grip screw

27. Follower spring

28. Follower

29. Magazine floorplate

Remove Lanyard Ring Revolver

IWith point of a bullet, press up magazine plunger (9) and slide floorplate (29) forward. Remove follower (28) and spring (27). Then cock hammer. Press up lock frame stop (20) as shown. Pull barrel extension assembly (1) off rear of receiver (23)

Plunger Frame Extensions
nism frame (19) to free it from barrel extension. Remove locking block (14). Handle lock work carefully to prevent frame stop (20) and sear (16) dropping out of place
Binzel Push Pull Gun Parts

3 To remove firing pin (6), use a small screwdriver to push in firing pin as far as it will go and give it a V4-turn clockwise. Remove pin and push bolt stop (4) forward and out to right. Recoil spring (7) can now be removed

Firing MechanismDisassembly Tool Walther Olympia

4 To remove trigger (10) and magazine plunger (9), trigger spring (8) must be removed first. To do this, use a tool with a small hook to lift spring free of plunger (9). At same time, push it toward butt until free

5 Care must be taken when removing rocker coupling (22) since it is under heavy spring tension. First lower hammer. Hold lock mechanism in a vise and press down on plunger (11). At same time push rocker coupling (22) through as shown

Thompson Encore Trigger

JL To reassemble gun, install bolt (3) and ^^ firing pin, etc. Turn barrel extension upside down and drop locking block (14) over its projection. Cock hammer and press down on forward end of lock mechanism until the tail of locking block (14) snaps into rocker coupling (22)-wm

Handgun Safety Lock Mechanism

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