Parts Legend

1. Recoil spring

2. Recoil spring guide nut

3. Recoil spring guide

4. Slide

5. Breechblock screw (long)

6. Breechblock screw (short)

7. Sear spring

8. Sear

9. Magazine

10. Right grip

11. Breechblock

12. Cocking lever

13. Recoil spring guide pin

14. Extractor

16. Left grip

17. Grip retainer (2)

18. Barrel

19. Safety

20. Trigger pin

21. Trigger

22. Trigger bar

23. Sear pin

24. Magazine catch pin

25. Magazine catch

26. Frame

27. Cocking lever pin

28. Safety spring

29. Trigger bar spring

30. Breechblock plug pin


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