1. Barrel and receiver

2. Front sight

3. Recoil spring sleeve

4. Firing pin

5. Firing pin spring

6. Extractor pin

7. Extractor

8. Extractor spring

9. Breechblock

10. Breechblock pin

11. Front toggle link

12. Recoil spring

13. Toggle axle lockwasher

14. Rear toggle link

15. Firing pin spring guide and ejector

16. Recoil spring guide

17. Toggle axle pin

18. Receiver axle pin

19. Magazine catch

20. Magazine

21. Safety ball

22. Safety spring

23. Safety

25. Magazine catch spring

26. Safety bar

27. Sear housing screws (2)

28. Sear lever

29. Disconnector

30. Trigger bar

31. Trigger pin

32. Trigger

33. Trigger plunger

34. Trigger spring

35. Sear housing

36. Sear spring

37. Sear

38. Locking bolt

39. Frame

Note: Grips are not shown

5 Reassemble in reverse. In replacing . the toggle link and breechblock assembly of the older-version pistol, depress tip of sear with a punch. ■

ITo field strip the Erma pistol, remove . the magazine (20) and clear the chamber. Cock the pistol by pulling the rear toggle link (14) up and to the rear. Push the barrel and receiver assembly forward with the thumb as shown, and remove the locking bolt (38) to the left.

2 Release thumb pressure on rear tog-. gle link, and allow the barrel and receiver assembly to spring rearward. Drift out the receiver axle pin (18).

4 Slide the barrel and receiver (1) for . ward off the frame. Remove the firing pin spring (5), firing pin spring guide and ejector (15), and firing pin (4) from the breechblock (9). This completes field-stripping.


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