Disassemble Remington Bolt

1. Barrel assembly (includes receiver)

3. Bolt assembly pin*

5. Bolt plug

6. Bolt plug washer

7. Bolt stop

8. Bolt stop spring

9. Elevation screw

10. Ejector*

11. Ejector pin*

12. Ejector spring*

13. Extractor*

14. Firing pin assembly

15. Firing pin

16. Firing pin cross pin

17. Firing pin head

18. Floor plate

19. Floor plate screw

20. Front guard screw

21. Front sight

22. Front sight screw

23. Housing lock screw

24. Housing pin

25. Magazine assembly

26. Magazine guide bar

27. Magazine guide bar screw

28. Mainspring

29. Rear guard screw

30. Rear sight base

31. Rear sight eyepiece

32. Rear sight leaf

33. Rear sight screw (2)

34. Receiver plug screw (3)

35. Rib (rear sight)

36. Rib spacer (rear sight)

37. Safety

13. Safety pivot pin

39. Safety pivot pin retaining washer

40. Safety plunger

41. Safety plunger spring

42. Safety retaining screw

43. Sear

44. Sear pin

45. Stock

46. Trigger

47. Trigger housing

48. Trigger guard

49. Trigger pin

50. Trigger spring

51. Windage screw

* Used on .30-30 and .44 Remington Magnum calibers only. NOTE: Buttplate and buttplate screws not shown on drawing.

Locking Screw Type Lift ClampIthaca Model SchematicAssembly Drawing GunsRemington Bolt Disassembly

4 To disassemble ejector (10) (used on bolt Type No. 1 for rimmed calibers .30-30 and .44 Remington Magnum) drive out ejector pin (11) and remove ejector and ejector spring (12). (See Fig. 10 for ejector used on bolt Type No. 2).

5 To disassemble extractor (13) (used on bolt Type No. 1) grasp claw of extractor and lift up carefully to free stud on bottom of extractor from locating hole in bolt. When stud is clear, pull extractor forward and away from bolt. When reassembling, end of extractor should fit inside of bolt body between the two bolt assembly pins. (See Fig. A for extractor used on bolt Type No. 2) Unscrew front and rearguard screws (20) and (29) and remove stock.

7 Reassemble rifle in reverse order.

Bent tab on bottom of safety must fit into recess in bottom of bolt stop (arrow). Tighten housing lock screw until assembly is snug. Bolt stop must work freely in receiver when actuated by safety.

9 To reassemble Type No. 1 bolt assembly (rotary head) into receiver, align ejector (10) with slot on bottom of bolt body. With bolt head guide pin (arrow) in 9 o'clock position, push bolt forward into receiver. For one piece bolt assembly (Type No. 2), simply place bolt into receiver with handle in 2 o'clock position and push forward.

6 Back off housing lock screw (23) one complete turn. Drive out housing pin (24) through large hole in top of safety and remove complete housing assembly from receiver. Lift sear (43) and remove trigger spring (50) from housing (47). Push safety pivot pin retaining washer

(39) from end of pivot pin (38) and remove pin. NOTE: Safety plunger is under spring load beneath safety. Carefully unscrew and remove safety retaining screw (42) and safety (37). Lift safety plunger

(40) and safety plunger spring (41)-from housing. Bolt stop (7) and bolt stop spring (8) may then be removed. Remaining components comprising the trigger housing sub-assembly are factory assembled and disassembly is not recommended.

8 Bolt must be cocked to reassemble into rifle. When uncocked, firing pin head will snap forward into cocking cam at rear of bolt (A). Clamp firing pin head in vise jaws and raise bolt handle until firing pin head moves out of cocking cam and snaps into cocking notch on rear of bolt (B).

Extractor and ejector system used with bolt Type No. 2 for rimless calibers 6 mm. Remington, .308 Winchester, .243 Winchester, .222 Remington, and .22-.250 Remington. Extractor is riveted to bolt in proper position at the factory. Disassembly is seldom necessary and should only be attempted by a qualified gunsmith.

54. Bolt 57. Ejector spring

55. Ejector 58. Extractor

56. Ejector pin 59. Extractor rivet

1 Check action to make sure rifle is unloaded. Push in magazine latch and remove magazine. Lift bolt handle and pull bolt rearward to bolt stop. Rotate safety (37) forward as far as possible. This will depress bolt stop and allow removal of bolt from rifle.

2 With bolt removed, grasp bolt plug (5) firmly and rotate clockwise until firing pin head (17) snaps out of cocking notch (arrow). Insert a small diameter slave pin through aligned holes in bolt plug and firing pin head. This pin holds firing pin head retracted into bolt plug. Unscrew bolt plug and remove firing pin assembly (14) (with bolt plug) from bolt.

Remington Bolt Plug

end of firing pin (15) against - firm surface and exert forward pressure on bolt plug against tension of mainspring (28). This will relieve pressure on small slave pin, which can then be removed. Carefully release pressure on bolt plug and remove from firing pin assembly. Special factory processes are used to make up the firing pin assembly; disassembly is not recommended.

Remington Model 870

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