Exploded Firearms

1. Barrel

2. Bolt

3. Bolt extension sleeve pin

4. Ejector

5. Ejector pin

6. Extractor

7. Extractor pin

8. Extractor spring

9. Extractor spring plunger

10. Firing pin

11. Firing pin extension

12. Firing pin extension pin

13. Front sight

14. Mainspring

15. Mainspring plunger

16. Rear sight leaf

17. Rear sight step

18. Receiver

19. Retractor spring

20. Retractor spring plunger

21. Sear

22. Sear pin

23. Sear stop pin

24. Stock

25. Takedown screw

26. Trigger

27. Trigger guard

28. Trigger guard screw (2)

29. Trigger pin

30. Trigger spring

Note: Buttplate and screws are not shown.

Glock Exploded View

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