The Bolt Or Breechblock Safety Diagram

1. Action bar assembly

2. Action bar cover

3. Barrel

4. Breechblock assembly

5. Buttplate

6. Buttplate screw (2)

7. Cartridge stop

8. Cartridge stop screw

9. Fore-end

11. Fore-end locking screw (2)

12. Front sight

13. Front sight lock screw

14. Guard assembly

15. Magazine connector

16. Magazine follower

17. Magazine plug

18. Magazine plug screw

19. Magazine ring (2)

20. Magazine screw (2)

21. Magazine spring

22. Magazine tube

24. Rear sight

25. Rear sight slide screw

26. Rear sight step

27. Receiver assembly

28. Stock

29. Stock bolt

30. Stock bolt lock washer

31. Stock bolt washer

Ring Pull Bolt Action RiflesAstra 900 Gun

Guard Assembly

A. Hammer bushing

B. Hammer

C. Mainspring rod

D. Mainspring

E. Hammer pin

F. Carrier

G. Trigger spring case Trigger spring Trigger pin Trigger

Safety plunger pin Safety spring Safety plunger Safety 0. Timing lever pin P. Timing lever Q. Timing lever spring

9 Pull out loading door pin (NN) from front of action bar assembly, and remove loading door (00). Remove the two loading door plungers (PP) and springs (QQ). Unscrew carrier dog screw (RR) and remove spring (SS) and dog (TT). Drive out cartridge dog pin (UU). Remove cartridge dog (W) and cartridge dog spring (WW). Assemble in reverse order.

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    How to assemble gun trigger and hammer?
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