Nambu Type 14 Pivot

1. Front sight

2. Front sight pin

3. Barrel

4. Latch

5. Extractor bearing

6. Extractor bearing pin

7. Extractor spring

8. Cylinder

9. Extractor

10. Barrel hinge pin

11. Latch spring

12. Latch spring plunger

13. Latch screw

14. Hinge pin screw

15. Extractor cam

16. Extractor release

17. Release tension spring

18. Hammer

19. Strut

20. Strut spring

21. Strut screw

22. Hammer stirrup

23. Rebound lever

24. Rebound lever screw

25. Right grip screw (2)

26. Sideplate hinge screw

27. Right grip

28. Frame

29. Mainspring

30. Left grip

31. Sideplate

32. Trigger guard

33. Trigger

34. Hand

35. Hammer stirrup pin

Screw Down Latch

ITo disassemble, first lift the latch (4), pivot the barrel (3) down, and remove any cartridges from the cylinder (8). Then, while holding latch up, unscrew the cylinder counterclockwise.

2 Push forward slightly on the rear of the trigger guard (32) to unlatch it, and then pivot the trigger guard down. This unlocks the sideplate so it may be opened.

Knurled Hinge Screw

3 Grasp the lower front of the side-plate (31) where it is knurled, and pivot it rearward to expose the lock mechanism. Lift off the left grip (30) and remove the trigger guard.

Pivot Lock Mechanism

4 Hold the rear of the mainspring (29) firmly, lift it away from the frame (28) slightly or pry outward gently with a small screwdriver, ease it upward, and disengage from the hammer stirrup (22). Lock parts can now be easily removed.

Break Action Shotgun PartsScrew Pivot Lift Mechanism

5 Unscrew the hinge pin screw (14) about Ve", and tap it lightly with a mallet to partially drive out the barrel hinge pin (10). Then completely remove the screw and hinge pin, separate the barrel from the frame, and take out the extractor cam (15), extractor release (16), and release tension spring (17).

6 Locate the extractor bearing pin (6).

Rest the bearing on vise jaws and drive out the pin with a drift punch and hammer. Then remove the bearing, extractor spring (7), and extractor (9) from the cylinder. The latch, latch spring (11), and latch spring plunger (12) can be removed from the barrel after turning out the latch screw (13). ■

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