Makarov Field Stripped

East German Makarov Markings


Makarov Front

The 9 mm. Makarov blowback-oper-ated automatic pistol is one of many new weapons adopted by Russia since World War II. The pistol is generally similar in appearance and basic design to the German Model PP Walther pistol. It is called PM (Pistolet Makarov) by the Russians in accordance with their current weapons designation system which includes abbreviations of weapons type and designer's name.

Parts Legend

1. Slide

2. Extractor

3. Extractor plunger

4. Extractor spring

5. Rear sight

6. Firing pin

7. Safety

8. Safety detent spring

9. Recoil spring

10. Ejector and slide stop

11. Hammer

12. Sear

13. Sear and slide stop spring

14. Trigger bar assembly

15. Receiver and barrel assembly

16. Trigger

17. Trigger guard

18. Trigger guard pin

19. Trigger guard spring

20. Spring plunger

21. Magazine

22. Hammer and trigger spring

23. Spring retainer

24. Grip

25. Grip screw detent bushing

26. Grip screw

The lock mechanism of this pistol is of double-action type, and the hammer is exposed. The safety, on the left of the slide, is engaged in safe position when horizontal. A slide stop is provided on the left side above the grip. The bore is chrome plated. The one-piece plastic grip extends around the back of the receiver.

This pistol fires a rimless, straight-case cartridge midway between the .380 ACP and 9 mm. Luger in size and power. The round-nose bullet weighs 94 grs., and muzzle velocity is 1033 f.p.s. (feet per second).

The Makarov is also made and used by East Germany. The pistol shown is of East German manufacture.

Field Strip Browning

ITo field strip, first remove the magazine and clear the chamber. Put the safety (7) in fire position. Pull down on the front of the trigger guard (17) until it clears the receiver (15). Pull the slide (1) to the rear, lift the slide up, and ease it forward off the receiver.

Firearms Curiosa Down

4 Remove grip screw (26). Grip (24) can be slid off receiver. This will expose the hammer and trigger spring (22). This spring acts as the magazine catch, hammer spring, and trigger spring. To remove, pull down on spring retainer (23) until free; then lift spring off boss in receiver.

Stripped Sako Trg ReceiverMakarov Extractor

210 remove the extractor (2), use a thin punch to push the plunger (3) back into the slide. Turn the slide on its right side. Extractor should drop out. If not, rotate the extractor in toward the firing pin hole or in such a way as to remove the tail section from the slide first.

5 The next step is to unhook the tail of the sear and slide stop spring (13) from the ejector and slide stop (10). After the spring is free, rotate the slide stop up as shown. Then use it as a lever to lift the sear (12) out of its hole in the right of the frame.

Makarov AssemblyAwp Firing Pin

3 The firing pin (6) is retained by the safety (7). To remove the safety, push it up beyond the safe position. It can be rotated as shown only when the slide is held to the rear or off the gun completely.

6 The hammer (11) is one of the last parts to be removed. It can be removed in only one position. Rotate the hammer forward as shown, and pull it forward free of the receiver. ■

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