Martini Type Rear Hinged Breechblock Action Exploded View

Hammerli Model 103.


The free-pistol is designed specifically for precision slow-fire target shooting. It is free of practically all design restrictions, hence the term free-pistol. Choice of barrel length, sight radius, trigger pull and grip shape are practically unlimited.

By far the most popular is the Hammerli free-pistol. It has swept the field in most International and Olympic matches. This popularity is based on the amazing reputation for accuracy that the gun has established for itself.

Basically the Hammerli is a cal. .22 long rifle single-shot Martini action pistol. The set trigger mechanism can be adjusted to maximum sensitivity. Since the slow-fire 50-meter International

Anschutz Small Bore Rifle

Parts Legend

1. Barrel

2. Front sight blade

3. Front sight latch

4. Sight latch spring

5. Latch hinge pin

6. Barrel lug

7. Forestock

8. Bushing

9. Frame

10. Breechblock

11. Firing pin spring

12. Firing pin

13. Firing pin retaining pin

14. Breechblock hinge pin

15. Hinge pin retaining spring

16. Spring retaining screw

17. Cross pin

18. Right extractor screw

19. Left extractor screw

20. Extractor

21. Extractor spring

22. Extractor spring screw (2)

23. Front guard screw

24. Lever

25. Hammer

26. Spring roller

27. Roller pin

28. Mainspring retaining screw

29. Mainspring

30. Lever latch

31. Latch spring

32. Latch pin

33. C-washer

34. Washer

35. Spring

36. Nut

37. Sight retainer screw

38. Retainer plate

39. Sight base

40. Sight leaf spring

41. Sight leaf

42. Retainer pin

43. Sight blade screw

44. Sight elevating screw

45. Windage screw

46. Sight leaf hinge

47. Sight blade

48. Detent spring

50. Right grip

51. Heel support screw

52. Washer

53. Heel support

54. Elongated washer

55. Nut

56. Left grip

57. Grip screw

58. Bushing

59. Trigger assembly

Blueprints Trigger Assembly MauserExploded View Modern Firearms

matches are generally fired over a 3-hour period, a shooter must be able to relax his grip frequently. Hammerli free-pistol grips are designed for just that. When a shooter buys a Hammerli, the company requests a sketch of his hand and information on whether he shoots with his arm extended or bent in the European manner. The resulting grip will fit like a glove. However, if a shooter wants to shape his own, the grip can be supplied unfinished.

The Martini-type action of the Hammerli gives the rigidity and short hammer throw necessary in any super-accurate gun. The action also allows for easy loading and has a powerful extraction system.

The frames of earlier Hammerli free-pistols were machined from bar stock, a costly procedure. With the advent of precision investment casting, Hammerli chose this method to produce the frame and some of the internal parts. The

The trigger mechanism is the heart of the cal. .22 Hammerli free-pistol. It is carefully adjusted at the factory and can be adjusted to a very light pull. The exploded view of the trigger mechanism gives some idea of its complexity and why it should be disassembled and adjusted only by factory trained gunsmiths.

resultant gun is just as accurate as was the earlier model.

The Hammerli Models 101, 102, and 103 were replaced in February 1963 by the Models 104 and 105. The new pistols have the same mechanism as former models, but are fitted with improved grips, an adjustable rest for the trigger finger, and a larger trigger guard.

2 Two methods of rear sight attachment are used by Hammerli. Jhe later type shown here is attached by a sight retainer screw (37) and a retainer plate (38). When the screw is loosened, the rear sight slides off the integral sight mount. The earlier type uses 2 screws to retain the sight. These are under the leaf and tapped into the sight mount. The leaf must be raised upright to get at these screws.

3 Occasionally it is necessary to remove the breechblock (10) for cleaning. To remove it, lift the hinge pin retaining spring (15) slightly and push it forward and clear of the breechblock hinge pin (14). Push out the hinge pin. Depress front of the breechblock (10) and lift it out. It may be necessai7 to move the loading lever a bit to free it from the breechblock.

Hammerli International

IThe Hammerli has a miniature Martini action. To drop the breechblock (10), squeeze the lever latch (30) at rear underside of the grip. When the lever (24) is moved forward, it cocks the hammer (25), drops the breechblock, and actuates the extractor (20).

4 The cross pin (17) retains the rear of the trigger guard, the lever (24), and the hammer (25). Before attempting to remove it, loosen the mainspring retaining screw (28); this relieves tension on the cross pin (17). When cross pin is out, the trigger mechanism can be removed intact by removing front guard screw (23). ■

M16 Exploded View

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