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At first glance this little pistol is a dead ringer for the Webley Metropolitan Police pistol, except that the H&R is hammerless and has a squeeze safety. While it is a simple, effective pocket pistol, automatics have never proved as popular as revolvers, so H&R stopped it*- manufacture quite some time ago. The gun features a cartridge indicator and a magazine safety that prevents it firing when the magazine is removed. These, plus 2 manual safeties, make the gun an excellent house or pocket pistol.

H&R magazines are sturdily made. The floorplate is pinned to the magazine body as shown. They can be best identified by the large magazine catch hole in the backstrap near the floorplate.

Shotgun Choke Patterns Chart

The shape of the magazine follower is another key to the identity of the H&R clip. It has a built-up double-step magazine follower. The rear third of the follower tapers down flush with the backstrap.—E. J. HOFF-SCHMIDT.

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