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Ceska Zbrojovka

The Model 1922 vest pocket pistol is one of a number of interesting cal. .25 pistols turned out by Ceska Zbrojovka, Czechoslovakia. A. S., Prague. Unusual in design, the gun resembles a common cal. .25 pistol style, but it has no true slide. Instead, a bolt operates in a tunnel-like section formed of sheet metal. The frame is made of stamped and formed sheet metal that is pinned to a core, a clever design from a production point of view, but the thin-walled frame can be damaged easily if the gun is dropped.

Rigarmi Brescia

Like the rest of the gun, the magazine is well finished. The magazine floorplate is much heavier than normal and carefully pinned to the magazine walls. This is necessary because the floorplate is used as a takedown tool. Slide and barrel are retained by a square cross key. To disassemble the gun, this key must be pried out as shown. The front edge of the magazine floorplate is machined to a sort of screwdriver point to do the job.—EDWARD J. HOFFSCHMIDT

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