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Campo Giro

Before World War II, Campo Giro pistols were relatively scarce here, but after World War II a number of these interesting Spanish pistols were imported. Though awkward in design, they are generally well made and finished. Since they fired the powerful 9 mm. Campo Giro (9 mm. Berg-mann-Bayard) cartridge from an unlocked breech, a unique slide buffer was incorporated to prevent battering of the frame and of the barrel.

Campo Giro

Campo Giro magazines are relatively easy to recognize. The floorplate extends to the rear of the magazine instead of to the front. The circular finger grip cuts, and the star inside the wreath are additional points of recognition.

Numbers Inside The Glock Slide

The magazine lips look like those of most other magazines, but the follower has a bent step which operates the slide hold-open catch when the gun is empty. This is characteristic of the Campo Giro magazine.—EDWARD J. HOFFSCHMIDT

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