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Most of the Swedish Model 07 FN Browning pistols in this country were imported after World War II. Although only an enlarged version of the Browning pocket pistol, it fires the fairly powerful 9 mm. Long Browning cartridge. The gun is unusual in that the hold-open lock is on the right side and has no thumb lever to unlock it. When the magazine is released and the slide pulled back, the lock drops free. Though these guns were in the Swedish service for about 50 years, they are generally in excellent condition and are well made and finished.

The Model 07 magazine is distinctive in that one side has a solid wall, while the other is cut out Vi of the way down. This long cut allows the follower lip to extend out far enough to lift the hold-open lock when the last shot is fired.

The magazine floorplate is pinned in place and can be recognized best by the squared-off tip on its front end.-t J. HOFFSCHMIDT

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