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High Standard Olympic PistolMagazine High Standard Pistol Short

The oddly-shaped magazine shown was made for the early Hi-Standard Olympic Model pistol chambered for the .22 short cartridge. For production reasons, the opening in the gun frame was made for the .22 long rifle magazine.

To compensate for this, the magazine lips and follower were reduced in length for the .72 short cartridge.

The floorplate is detachable to facilitate cleaning interior of the magazine.—E. J. Hoffschmidt

Standard Shot Pistol Sentinel 101

Never remove the takedown latch (V) while the slide (I) is on the frame, as it would cause a condition that is difficult to remedy. The side plate (KK) retains the takedown latch (V) on some models and must be removed as shown, to free the latch

Hi-Standard Sentinel Revolver

By Thomas E. Wessel

Hi-Standard Sentinel, introduced in 1955 by the High Standard Manufacturing Corp. of Hamden, Conn., met the demand for a moderately-priced 9-shot swing-out cylinder double-action revolver chambered for the economical .22 rimfire cartridge.

Thomas E. Wessel of Whippany, N. J., is a technical illustrator long interested in firearms.

Modern in concept, it features a lightweight frame of aluminum alloy with barrel and cylinder of steel.

It is designed for use with either regular or high-speed cal. .22 short, long, or long rifle cartridges, with chambers counterbored to surround the cartridge rims. Hammer and trigger are of case-hardened steel, and virtually unbreakable coil springs are used throughout.

The hammer is of rebounding type, and the lock mechanism incorporates an automatic safety block to prevent accidental discharge should the gun be dropped on a hard surface.

Front sight is of the square-blade Patridge pattern with the square-notch rear sight adjustable for windage by tapping it to left or right in its dovetail slot.

Pistol Rear Sights Adjustable

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