Pistol Mechanism

11-13/16" barrel and fires high speed and standard velocity .22 long rifle cartridges. It is equipped with a fully-adjustable rear sight, checkered walnut grips and fore-end. and the improved trigger mechanism and firing mechanism.

Gun Trigger Mechanisms

Parts Used in Model EP and Navy Model ET Only

1A. Breechblock

2A. Firing pin spring

3A. Ejector

4A. Firing pin assembly

5A. Safety ring

6A. Safety

7A. Sear housing

8A. Sear release

9A. Sear release spring

Adjusting The 1911 Sear Spring

10A. Trigger bar plunger spring

11A. Trigger bar plunger

12A. Trigger bar

13A. Trigger

14A. Sear

15A. Disconnector

16A. Sear spring

17A. Sear plunger

Plunger Gun

3 Remove toggle link and breechblock . assembly to the rear. Take the recoil spring (12), recoil spring guide (16), and recoil spring sleeve (3) from rear of frame (39).

Winchester 1200 AssemblyRemington Model 12a Assembly

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