Pistol Hammer Mechanism


Handguns Assemble

2A single pin (3) retains firing pin in slide and acts as extractor hinge pin. Hold slide in padded vise as shown and drive pin out. Remove firing pin (7), firing pin spring (6), extractor (4) and extractor spring (5).


3 Only difficult piece to reassemble is hammer spring (16). A slave pin is employed to retain the hammer spring (16) and plunger (15). This slave pin is a short wire or nail that holds assemblies in place until proper pin is inserted. Correct pin (24) is driven through frame and knocks out slave pin.

Mauser Extractor Diagram

4 Disconnector (12) and ejector (11) are retained by cross pin (27) through frame. Remove pin and disconnector will drop out; however, ejector must be driven out as shown. When reinstalling cross pin, be sure it is in slightly below the surface to prevent retarding slide motion.

Shotgun Choke Identification

Hungarian P37 Cal. .380 ACP

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