The Browning Medalist cal. .22 long rifle semi-automatic pistol was introduced in 1962. Made in Belgium, and sold in the United States by the Browning Arms Co., St. Louis, Mo., the Medalist pistol was designed for precision target shooting.

It is regularly furnished with a» hand-filling thumb-rest target grip and a set of 3 accessory barrel weights. The sight rib carrying both front and rear sights is permanently attached to the barrel. The rear sight is fully adjustable by means of coin-slotted screws.

There is a dry-fire device made in combination with the mechanical safety. By activating this device the shooter can conduct realistic 'snapping in' or dry-fire exercises without retracting the slide to cock the lock mechanism before each shot. Using the dry-fire device, the sear can be engaged with the hammer by light downward thumb pressure against the safety latch. The dry-fire device must be inactivated before the pistol can be fired with live ammunition.

Another interesting feature of the Medalist pistol is the shell deflector pin installed on the right upper side of the grip opposite the breech. This vertical pin prevents ejection of fired cases into the faces of shooters on the firer's right.

The detachable magazine of the Medalist pistol holds 10 cal. .22 long rifle cartridges. The trigger is screw-adjustable for overtravel and weight of pull. The breech remains open after firing the last shot in the magazine.

Two Sides Ace Firing Pin Stop

1 Check action to be sure pistol is unloaded and then remove the magazine. Pistol is shown assembled with the magazine removed.

Sako Tri Ace Target Pistol

frame as shown.

Long Recoil Firearm Action

2 Loosen fore-end screw (P) and remove fore-end (O). Loosen barrel mounting screw (12) until it is felt to disengage from threads in barrel.

5 Press down on stop open latch (26), releasing slide (1A). Pull slide off front end of frame taking care not to allow compressed recoil spring (2A) to escape. Remove spring and recoil spring guide (3A). Further disassembly is not recommended.

Pistol Slide Pulls

3 Pull slide (1A) all the way back and lock back by pressing up on stop open latch (26).

Screw Barrel Pistol Wrench

6 Pistol is shown with barrel weight support (R) fastened into dovetail under barrel with one of 3 barrel weights (T) assembled to support. ■

Czech Model 1938

Czech Model 1938

Guns Assembly

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